Goob’s always been a MAGA supporter and a misogynist with terrible takes.

  1. For those about to use a “goob didn’t know better then” defense: John Dorsey is an educated man in his 30’s- not a teenager or child. He is educated enough to have these beliefs without pleading ignorance or change. All his defender’s comments about him being open minded or progressive need to stop drinking the Kool aid.

  2. Thissss. How can people celebrate an online bully who shames literally everyone but we’ll old white men basically, from women who are heavier but trying to help others, women who are stunning but obviously have their own mental issues and don’t see themselves the way the rest of the world perceives them regardless of how stunning they are, or who just are running a damn business like he claims to be doing. I don’t understand him at all and was really disappointed when they brought him on the Excellence Cartel podcast, thought they were smarter than to run with him.

  3. Are we surprised? Oh but to his supporters he is the knight in shining armor who can do no wrong - he’s here to stop the body shamers guys!!! It’s not a Trumpesque ego trip, I swear. /s

  4. Personally I believe that gymsnark is just goobs new target in order to stay relevant. I don’t really see any other reason for him to mention it, it really has little to no relevance to his Instagram. However, I did leave this subreddit months ago because of how bitter and nasty many of the comments are on this subreddit so I don’t necessarily think what he’s is saying about gymsnark is inaccurate.

  5. Theres a difference between someone being conservative and being a trump supporter. Having republican/conservative ideals and policy leanings is one thing, supporting trump is another. All squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares and whatnot.

  6. Trying so damn hard to distract from the dozens of body shaming posts he put up from this sub. “It’s just a few redditors” no. Those posts have hundreds of up votes.

  7. Mmk bootlicker. You’ve been commenting the same basic “b-b-but BOTH SIDES” for days. No one is saying there aren’t shitty commenters know this sun - MANY people have called them out but oddly, no one is calling out Goob for harassing, doxxing, threatening, blah blah blah people. He’s no better than the people body shaming others in this sub and you’re not better for defending a sexist POS. horse 🐎<— here’s your high horse to ride into the sunset with byeeeeeee

  8. Don’t worry. There’s also dozens of examples of Goob body shaming women before his “exposing” videos became a brand. That’s coming soon.

  9. Oh no… someone supported a former president 🥺 y’all should focus on getting in shape instead of whatever petty BS this is

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