The hate DMs from goob’s followers went from calling me stupid/fat to a racial slur pretty quickly- link in comments

  1. I wouldn’t have even blocked out the senders name. If they’re going to be bold enough to say some real stupid shit like that, they should be able to own it. I’m not saying anyone should message this person or bully them back, but there’s no need to let that person hide.

  2. I stopped following this sub because it really is a mob mentality that can get pretty ugly, and his audience is no different although they claim to be.

  3. I honestly wonder if he’s trying to dig on me and “expose” me. He’s a graduate of law school, so he knows how dumb it would be to post my work place (if he finds it) or any personal identifying info. That’s a visit to court.

  4. I want to delete my account, but I think account deletion erases record of everything- I’m not sure since I’m not a big redditor.

  5. Don’t delete your account. Just turn off messaging from strangers for a while. Turn it back on in a month and just delete everything. They’ll have moved on by that point.

  6. It is toxic. Usually in these situations if you can it's best just to not login for a few weeks or stop all notifications so you don't see them anymore this way all those people are doing is yelling with their fist in the sky at nothing and you don't have to think about it.

  7. This only shows the type of audience he has 🤷🏽‍♀️. I'm sorry you're being bullied, I really hope they find something new to entertain themselves with.

  8. Worth considering the type of sub-human that sends something like that. Goob doesn’t seem to exhibit or endorse behavior like that - but perhaps this is a good lesson for him re mob mentality and externalities of his decisions.

  9. I’m sure he sees this as justified karma/retribution. He doesn’t have the capacity to reflect or change, and I doubt he would feel badly in these circumstances. I’m sure he knew what would happen sending a mob after someone on the internet.

  10. Jesus Christ, man. I used to know John in real life and seeing this stuff kinda hurts. I just don’t get why he’s acting this way…John has a lot of good qualities; he can be a supportive friend and he’s done plenty of prosocial things (and let everyone know via social-media, but still good deeds).

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