Nick Komodina is a birth control expert now?

  1. Nah his whole business is centered around telling women what to do with their bodies so he’s just staying on brand

  2. He posted about hormones today in response to a question and said SEND ME YOUR LABS. Sir are you a fucking doctor now??? No? Stay in your lane guy

  3. I took this differently. The question was about what to do if you have insulin resistance/something about blood sugar levels. Have you ever seen those commercials about some bullshit diet product due to 'insulin resistance'? The commercial basically says that most people are fat because they have insulin resistance. One of those, 'it's not your fault just take this product' schemes.

  4. I don’t know who this is but I’m so fucking sick of seeing this kind of rhetoric. Birth control changed my life for the better. Nothing else (and I tried many, many things) helped my severe cramps, excessive bleeding, unpredictable cycle, and middle school horror level break outs like birth control. Maybe it’s not the best thing for everyone but it sure as hell is the best thing for some of us.

  5. Same. I have PMDD, and in my adult life I also developed ovarian cysts, and I’ve found one (depo shot, not on the lower dose subq one) birth control that works for me without giving me my period every 2 weeks. Hormonal birth control literally helps me function sometimes, and I would never give that up for anything unless medically advised by a doctor.

  6. Same. Birth control saved me. Yes, I've had some minor side effects, but those are nothing comparing to horrible cramps and heavy irregular periods I've had because of pcos.

  7. Yup! I don't even have any hormonal conditions, and still, once I found the right birth control (after trying a couple), I had lighter periods, far fewer cramps, totally clear skin and healthier hair/nails. The one I take now also doesn't alter or affect my energy or libido in any way. It may not be for everyone, but birth control can have many positive benefits.

  8. That first part is totally unnecessary too. The person clearly asked what bc would be best IF NEEDED. But this douche of course had to insert his two cents 🙄 I’m so sick of influencers and their war on birth control. STFU

  9. Finally, some snark on Nick instead of believing he’s a God. Before the Ally situation, he was snarked on a lot for his thoughts on bc. He often made it seem like he was “saving” female competitors from it

  10. Okay I’ve had the copper iud for 3 years and I’m also certain it’s affected me in ways beyond the side effects they warn you of. My cycle has changed a lot! But, like why can’t nick say “idk ask your doctor” 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Lol yeah I got a new gynocologist and since my current IUD is about to expire, I asked about the copper one ( not for hormonal concerns, I just don't plan on having children and it would be nice not to have to replace the device until my mid 30s 😂). He said he'd do it if I wanted to, but since most insurance covers IUDs now and the IUD I have not works great for me, I might as well stick with the same type I currently have and not risk the copper fucking with my cycle

  12. I got my copper iud out in April of 2021 and it had definitely messed with my cycle and having a few cycles without it (before I got pregnant which is why I had it taken out) made me realize how much worse it actually made them

  13. Why do people go on and ask influencers that have zero medical qualifications things like this? What happened to common sense… there are choking hazard warnings on stuff for children, do adults really need to be told it’s a bad idea to ask your fav fitfluencer how to “balance your hormones”? 🥴

  14. I agree with you, but unfortunately adults are the reason for the “Caution: Contents Will Be Hot” on coffee cup lids so really maybe they do need to be told 🥴

  15. Broooooo what studies show the copper IUD changes your hormones??? Wtf. Maybe the gym bros should shut the fuck up when reproductive rights are being threatened and they themselves don’t posses a uterus.

  16. Ugh he’s always acted like he’s an expert when it comes to this stuff, microdosing, etc. Stay in your fucking lane, Nick.

  17. K Nick I’d like to see you go through the pain of having a menstrual period AND cramps without birth control. These men are laughable 😵‍💫

  18. Why would anyone ask some dude this question? Like not even this man but just any of them. Like I am so confused, check the quality of your sources!

  19. Copper IUDs are not ideal for those of us that struggle with acne or have rough periods already. Also, fuck this guy acting like he knows best!!

  20. It’s crazy how so many fitness influencers spread misinformation about birth control. It’s not poison. And we all know this dude probably hates wearing condoms lol

  21. Ummm it’s actually BEST for preventing endometrial cancer, especially in patient with endometriosis. WhT do I know I’m just a nurse practitioner not a IG InFlUeNcER

  22. I’d rather be celibate than get a copper IUD. Heard the periods are awful & unpredictable. Hormonal IUD has localized hormones and a low amount. Everyone just do whatever the fuck you want based off what you speak to your doctor about.

  23. Who is ‘they’? Also, Copper IUD is bomb, but it gives me heavy periods, hormonal IUD is localised soo shouldn’t cause much hormonal disruption. Unqualified Men should 🤫 when it comes to womens health & contraceptive choices goddamn

  24. This is the new trend for coaches to be going on about and it’s such garbage… wonder if they’ll change their mind when all their athletes are getting knocked up

  25. first of all, why would you ask a MAN which form of birth control is best? especially a man with no medical or gynecological training whatsoever

  26. I’ve switched from Skins to Ribbed For her Pleasure during squats and I’m killing it in my PR. All Thanks to Nick. Thanks Nick!

  27. Lol sir I’m going to have to respectfully disagree and say that birth control is “best” for not getting pregnant 🤣 just because it’s not “best” for making gains doesn’t mean it’s not best for anything. Anyone else tired of hearing men give their opinions on shit that has nothing to do with them lately ??

  28. I'm sorry, Nick, birth control is not "best" for anything? It's best for preventing unwanted pregnancies. To the extent of my knowledge, of course.

  29. Just want to chime in here and say that not every patient is a good candidate for any IUD, much less the copper one. You need a certain size of cervix for insertion, and for a lot of women, the copper IUD is too big, unless you’ve had children. There are exceptions sure, but I found out on the GYN’s table with my feet in the stirrups, that it wasn’t going to work for me, not even the newer “smaller” hormonal devices

  30. Agreed that just willy nilly him saying anything on the matter is reckless and idiotic. But I also found IUDs need more care from the doctors too because I've been pushed one so so many times even after having one for a year with it causing daily pain...I have never had kids and got the Mirena. It was a "difficult" insertion and it popped right out immediately so she had to do it a second time while fiddling around in there which was...agony. But haven't you heard, IUDs just feel like a slight pinch? /s

  31. Literally also not true. IUDs stay local to the uterus - meaning even if it was a hormonal IUD, the hormones stay within the uterus lmao have they even ever consulted an OBGYN before they make these claims?!? So sick of this.

  32. All other valid arguments in this thread aside…. Of course there’s hormone “disruption”… that’s how it works.

  33. Im not saying he’s not a dick but I agree with him. Unless you require it (which many women do) then I don’t think hormonal birth control is best either. I think we should leave our bodies along to do their own thing and live as synthetics free as possible.

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