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  1. Because he sucks. He doesn’t know how to “coach” top elite pros on the olympia and Arnold stage for victories (winning 1st). He basically is a pre-k teacher getting them into Kindergarten (npc into the ifbb). That’s it. Every elite athlete at the olympia and Arnold stage does bad while with him. Once they leave. Their placings go higher and they actually WIN. Look at the stats and follow the timeline and events. It’s repetitive. His pros are at the bottom of the fish tank while the women that left him are in the shark infested ocean. He’s crippling and falling. Look at his face. Look at his desperation. He’s broke. He’s poor. He spends his allowance from his fathers lawsuit on fake designer clothes and Botox, lipo suction, duck lips, rental cars for bday shoots, and can’t even replace his raggedy ass Gucci loafers that expired years ago. Look at all the wrinkles lmao it’s like it’s his only pair. Even though they’re fake hahaha what a loser

  2. If I’ve learned anything from the Ally/Nick/Justin shitshow, if they keep emphasizing “all love, no drama” it means the opposite 🥴🤥

  3. He wrote that out for her and forced her to write and post that. There’s an image online somewhere; I forgot where (I’ll post the link:image later) but it’s him advising LL to write the SAME EXACT THING AND SHE DECIDED NOT TO AND THAYS WHY HE WENT AFTER HER. BECAUSE SHE SAID NO.

  4. She’s been trying to leave him since before the olympia! She was informing a lot of people but was scared how to exit because how evil and sore patch bitch he is with the lawsuit stuff. Good for her!!

  5. Not sure but I had a feeling it was going to happen soon as she wasn’t tagging him in her posts. If there’s something that happened, I’m not aware…

  6. I’ve always wondered if he had something on her... like some dirt or something to hold her to him. Because remember the legendofcharzan thing when suddenly James had all these messages between him and Alessia to “prove” that Charzan was lying? But they were kinda sus? But I don’t know who would- in good conscience- agree to create fake messages to support someone being accused of sexual assault? Like... was she blackmailed? Bribed?

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