Not Maureen calling Aldo’s post unnecessary

  1. How does she have the audacity to post on her story calling that cyber bullying. Aldo’s post is pretty much showing that sportsmanship gets you far and that’s Maureen’s problem for taking this message to heart. She called this cyber bullying when she likes posts about shit umsey says about LL that is ACTUAL bullying. When her bf made that unnecessary Instagram story … now she’s playing victim. Seriously girl.

  2. She is DELUSIONAL if she thinks Aldo is the problematic one when her own boyfriend posted about how “unnatural” Lauralie is because she had a nose job

  3. It’s cyber bullying when it’s pointed in her direction, but when her boyfriend bashes Lauralie it’s not ? When her bestie Umsey tags her in posts berating Lauralie it’s not ? Aldo didn’t even acknowledge her, if she takes it as a personal attack it’s on her.

  4. Exactly. Aldo’s post doesn’t even talk about her not hugging or congratulating LL. It’s just about sportsmanship. Her fault for taking it to heart idc

  5. Aldo likes to stir the pot and I’m here with my popcorn. He’s subliminally pointing out how the previous top 2s were supportive of each other. We all noticed it and I’m glad he’s saying it

  6. Aldo knew what he was doing when he posted it, but Maureen is a massive hypocrite and a terrible sport. Maybe she needs to get off social media and start developing a plan for the next season. You lost by 7 points sweaty, clearly you have something to work on besides your trash attitude 🥰

  7. Waiting for someone to tag arnoldsports and ifbb_pro_league lol. How one carries themselves off stage definitely contributes to winning a title. Maureen will never see top 2 again if she continues this on social media.

  8. I am hoping. Not only because Maureen bothers me now but because I love Isa. I hope she can nail her peak.

  9. Maybe Maureen and Lauralie have personal beef off the stage. Should she have given a fake hug just for show? I don’t know how to feel about this one…

  10. It’s one sided. Maureen is fake. She supports people that bully and berate LL. So when she can’t even show good sportsmanship on such an elite stage it says a lot. This is just my thoughts.

  11. Well his post is about how all Ms Bikini International that he has met have all been really kind and sweet people.

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