Speculation.. but he is guilty of taking false credit. He’s thanking this person whose a coach… and Alesia doesn’t tag James like anywhere recent 😂 is she gone LOLLLLLLL ????

  1. I don’t follow them but apparently they started coaching together and have a joint ig @teamac_worldwide. On the most recent post she explains that Casey is coaching her and James is “supervising” sounds a lot like LL’s situation before she left. Like he has nothing to do with coaching her and probably pays her to be on the team?

  2. OH MY GODDDDDD TY ! I knew something was UP most definitely….. he’s finally loosing everyone !!!! Dani let’s pack up and move on too girl!!!!!! TY SO MUCH!

  3. Alesia and Casey have worked VERY closely together, more so since Alesia’s last show with James. I thought I’ve seen Casey listed as her trainer before but she definitely seems like she’s been doing all of the work as far as training and support goes! Think James might just be posing and macros for Alesia at this point. (I’m a big fan of hers so see her stuff often)

  4. Ohhh I wondered about this. She did not bring her best package to stage! Typical of James athletes in pro shows. I hoped for a swift ending to him but maybe it will be a slow drip. Did he just have the two amateurs & Alessia in the show?

  5. “Assisting” who the hell assists in a prep when they have a coach already? 😂 coincidence how he claimed that right after his only athlete got “injured” and pulled out from the Arnold and crickets started to chirp because he has not a list or b list athletes anymore. He has to somehow stay relevant because he’s broke and not relevant. Every moment that someone else’s succeeds that leaves him just continues to shove him down the shitter and prove he’s a phony

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