Arnold International Bikini Prejudging Discussion

  1. One thing with James is that he always comes across as fairly objective with his review videos. He might be hoping she’ll lose lol but I think he knows that trashing her physique won’t do him any favors. If anything, it’ll make him look stupid if he says she doesn’t deserve a top placing and then she wins.

  2. Isa actually looked really good from the front to too. she usually looks unwell. Her glutes didn’t seem conditioned enough. I’m always rooting for LL though. She really deserves this one. Ashley looked super boxy IMO with 0 flow to her look. And I think Maureen looked good but her overall presentation didn’t stand out much and tbh I think she overdid it on the hair it was distracting. From the front it’s close but from the back they’re all so different idk what’s happening tbh I think tonight will be a showdown. Jourdanne hitting top 5 is incredible and I’m so happy for her. I think she came in a little spilled over in her waist and would have been a top contender if she came in a little tighter there. Anything can happen at finals so I’d love to see her throw a curveball in there.

  3. Yes!! Usually Isa's waist look alien-esque from the front pose (IMO, only her last few shows). Now she looks more balanced. I really loved her look today and I am super surprised. I want her to be 2nd! I also wanted Jourdanne in the Top 4 before Ashley K but... it is what it is.

  4. I didn’t watch the livestream but it looks like Lauren Dannenmiller placed on the very outside of second call outs. I hope she takes that as a sign to go into off season.

  5. I’ve never been impressed with Ashley’s figure and today it almost seems like she came in too thin? Her stomach is caving inwards a little too much in my opinion. Isa looks amazing but I really want to see Lauralie take the win!

  6. Yeah, it looks like she’s doing a vacuum like the classic guys. I know they’re all keeping their core tight, but the vacuum really throws off her flow.

  7. Agree that Ashley is too thin! But there she is- front and center again. For me, it’s Lauralie for the win then Isa.

  8. I saw it in person and she looks completely different in person than on the stream/in pictures in my opinion. She looks sunken in and too lean in pictures but actually looked PHENOMENAL in real life

  9. Also wellness! I think Isa? Idk her real name looked amazing! But Sunny’s glutes are unmatched. I am sorta shocked yarnisha wasn’t closer to the middle!

  10. Unpopular opinion: I feel like Yarishna is getting way too lean. Finally the second year of wellness where we’re seeing where the look should go. But she’s been coming in hard I just saw her comparisons and her abs are crisp and standout compared to others.

  11. They have the top 4 correct. Maureen is a little bigger and could have been a tad leaner. Lauren loss muscles since Olympia and that hurt her. Allison was too lean and needs more top glutes. Overall please with placings

  12. Lauralie is taking this and I am here for it!! 🔥🔥 I don’t see how Ash K can beat Maureen or Isa… but who knows since they moved her 😖 I like her physique I just wish she would fix her posing.

  13. Isa filled out and looks incredible. I think she tries to come in very lean, then carb up more to fill out her frame.

  14. I follow Allison on IG and her posing is just weird. I'm not sure if it's because she's European and they have different posing over there. I think this is only her second competition in the US. She needs to change her posing to conform with the other girls or this will hurt her.

  15. Omg this has been for years Isa has been that way! Many of us question her check ins because she looks too lean and then she fills out beautifully the day of or day before!! She’s absolutely insane! But I can’t see Ashley K beating out Maureen for placing either. Who knows

  16. Also interesting to see Sunny’s little sister in the crowd! Idk what happened but they don’t even follow each other on social or post in support of each other anymore. I’m glad her and her parents went.

  17. I agree, no hate to Lauren because I know all those girls bust their asses but Lauren has come across incredibly arrogant in her vlogs recently. All competitors “deserve” to win, very poor sportsmanship to be sour about placing.

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