Ashley Kaltwasser (@ashleykfit) addresses doing 14 shows last season

  1. If we hand out qualifications because people show up, what’s the point. This is her career. I don’t know why people make a big fuss about her competing so much. She loves it, she has her ways to do them, so let her be. You don’t see bodybuilders compete several times a year because all the stuff they do. Bikini, more sustainable and that’s why we can see girls do shows back to back. If you can’t beat Ashley at a show, work harder and come back better. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. What’s the point of second place getting qualified for the O? Ashley K is beatable. If you can’t beat her on a normal pro stage, then why show up to the Olympia just to place below all the people you couldn’t beat normally? That’s a pity handout imo. Also the bikini lineup is already crazy long at the O, imagine if we were rewarding second place a qualify if first was already qualified? There’d be 50+ women competing when the O is supposed to be this very exclusive best of the best.

  3. Angel comp bikinis pays her per show Notice her bio doesn’t say “sponsored by angel comp bikinis” bc she is EMPLOYED by them

  4. Why not? It's her career, she's passionate about competing, and she does well at it. If she didn't compete at all these shows than there would be easily double the amount of competitors, and then would it really be the best of the best? If girls can't beat her at these shows, how are they going to beat her at olympia? You still gain points from placing at pro shows. Seems fair to me. What's not fair however, is people like Sunny Andrew's competing at Ben Weiders naturals and taking a wellness olympia qualification from someone else who's actually natty. I feel like that should be more important to regulate by the NPC than someone competing because they love the sport.

  5. I understand both sides so that’s why I wanted to come on here and ask what everyone thought. And good point about Sunny. There seems to be a lot of flaws with the NPC. Do you know if natural NPC shows are drug tested? Like how was her win not invalidated

  6. She gets paid to compete - angel comp bikinis, they make her amazing suits and shell out “replicas” to followers. Ashley gets paid per show AND a cut of whatever they sell

  7. I agree, why not! She’s not breaking any rules and it pushes her to be a better competitor. I would like to see more pros engage in shows like she does.

  8. There is about 47 shows this year that will qualify for 2022 Olympia. There’s tons of opportunities to 1) win a show she’s not at, and 2) beat her at a show. She is 100% beatable. I’m happy to see other people agree that she resembles a newborn dear when walking in heels.

  9. I was curious which pros were complaining about it. I believe 2020 was the year Ashlyn competed like 10 times herself. Having to go up against the same person in two shows is part of it

  10. You are knowledgeable, NotNick, I remember Jourdanne being one of the first to criticize AshleyK. Now I know why. Carla Garthwaite made a fool of herself by joining in. The week before or so Carla placed 9th or 10th to Ashley’s 1st. She really had no dog in this fight.

  11. This might be an unpopular opinion but I think Ashley K is the most disordered athlete in the industry. I can't watch/listen to Bikini and the Brain anymore. The entire narrative is just about Adam praising Ashley for maintaining a 2-3 week out look year round, and low key shaming anyone else that isn't as 'dedicated' as her. I understand she is passionate about the sport, but I can't help thinking she is going to burn out soon. There is no balance in her life whatsoever.

  12. I had to stop listening for a while when it started to become an hour of Adam singing Ashley’s praises over and over again each week instead of actual content

  13. Also this might be a bit judgy of me… but what is with all these not-so-lean bikini coaches shaming competitors who are any more than 10 lbs over stage weight? Maybe they should practice a bit of what they’re preaching

  14. I’m so glad it’s not just me! They’d have such good advice I loved to hear……….. but would constantly try to skip through the Ashley praise. Don’t get me wrong she deserves praise.. but not every episode. Even when they’d have guests.. just irked me.

  15. Yes, this! When they started the podcast, I enjoyed it quite a bit. They had some good info but for last 12 months , I listened maybe 3-4 episodes. It’s so repetitive with constant Ashley’s praise how focused she is, that she is just getting started, never cheats on her diet, how she took a break and “let herself go”, that body positive culture is wrong blah blah . Seems like almost every episode is on the same topic.

  16. it’s just the type of person she is. she went to my high school and was an athletic legend. she loves the sport, she’ll never stop.

  17. Angel comp bikinis pays her per show, notice one of the shows she went to one of the owners from acb came too? Notice in her bio, she doesn’t say “sponsored by angel comp bikinis”? It’s because she isn’t sponsored she is employed by them to do shows. Her suits are made with Swarovski crystals while the “replicas” their words, are made with cheap China crystals

  18. If Ashley wants to compete that often then she should do it. There's no limit to how many shows you can do per year. It's also quality control for the Olympia. 👌

  19. I don’t think she sounded spiteful. She was defensive of her decision to compete, but I thought she and Adam handled the criticism well. She said she enjoys competing, what more legitimate reason does she need? There are so many shows in the US, I don’t think it’s necessary to give qualification to second place if first is already qualified.

  20. She said girls complained she did like 5 shows in 2020 and when someone tells her not to do something then she’s going to it. And those ones who complained really won’t like her now that she did 14. I felt like that was spiteful. Open bodybuilders use to compete often for a reason so I find it interesting her reason is just because she loves it. I also think she was chasing breaking that pro win record though

  21. So, I know why. Angel competition bikinis pays her BIG BUCKS for each show she enters. They flat out pay her for showing up wearing there suits

  22. Then I’d that many shows too. What is wrong with getting paid? It’s her career. If I could make a career out of wearing sparkly bikinis then I’d do it too.

  23. She’s a professional athlete. Their example about the fact that no one asks LeBron to stop playing before the playoffs was 💯🔑

  24. I think if she can compete she should! She genuinely loves the sport. She’s not unbeatable and she’s not taking Olympia spots away from people. The Olympia is the most prestigious show and it’s getting watered down. I personally like Ashley’s attitude towards the sport. If you want something, go out and get it.

  25. There's nothing wrong with her doing that many shows, if the girls don't like it then they can get better and beat her.

  26. Most don’t do anymore shows after they qualify because it can be detrimental to their physique more than anything. If you can’t beat Ashley K on a regular pro stage what makes anyone think they should be qualified from second place to go against her at the Olympia?

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