IF you were going to compete within the next year, which coach would you go with?

  1. I worked with both Mark and Adam. They each have their strengths and weaknesses but are good coaches overall. Couldn’t think of two people further apart in terms of coaching style though.

  2. I currently work with Paul Revelia and have nothing but good things to say. If I didn't work with him already I would work with Will Sage - have two friends who work with him and both their protocols look next level and very detailed.

  3. But if you don’t work with Atlas you’ll be an amateur forever. Little man thinks he’s got magical powers to make eggs go pro.

  4. Zero interest in competing, but Liv Roth seems very legit and is doing an apparently great job coaching Maddy Forberg. I would definitely prefer a female coach for bodybuilding so they have more of an appreciation for female hormones

  5. No anyone with a huge following. I would ask my former coworker for a referral because she’s super happy with her coach.

  6. I’m really curious about her experience with Jansen. It looks like it’s been positive. I love that she uses her platform to educate.

  7. Tristanjamesfit. He’s based in South Florida I think. I’ve heard good things about him. He has a smaller team but majority are bikini from what it looks like.

  8. Coaches who are outcome oriented will offer different experiences than those who are process oriented. The flex on how many pro cards/wins they have speaks volumes about their priorities.

  9. Definitely downvoted you due to not knowing you were being sarcastic! I’ve seen people use /s but never knew what it meant. 🤦‍♀️ thanks for the heads up!!

  10. Kerigan Pike Guillen 100000%. She is an excellent coach. And her husband too I imagine, although I haven’t worked with him.

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