She came up on my FYP on Tiktok. Shes gonna end up sued at this rate publicly advising to go against doctors and giving yourself medical conditions with zero education.

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  2. I'm anticipating a block because I couldn't hold my tongue. She doesn't like when you say anything different than what she says.

  3. Non-medically necessary labs are EXPENSIVE and your insurance isn’t going to want to cover it so have fun with those bills :// I’m a type 1 diabetic and for some reason one of my 6-month lab tests wasn’t deemed medically necessary even tho my Endo prescribed it and it was wayyyy less covered by my insurance.

  4. Oh I usually have to call and debate with them if I know it’s supposed to be covered. I’d double check the plan qualifications insurance always pulls shit like that.

  5. Oufffff 🙈 I never request insulin levels unless you think they have type 1 diabetes. Sure it can show you if you are insuline resistant but usually, these people are overweight (hence, don’t need blood work to show you need to loose weight/insuline resistant)

  6. I'm 99% convinced she has munchausen syndrome. The rate she self diagnoses. Shell use the healthcare system when it benefits her only, otherwise they're trash and you should totally buy her stolen pinterest meal plan because a high school drop out with no degree knows exactly what's going on even when doctors dont🙄🥴

  7. Yea I was going to say….I am not a medical professional but I didn’t think they “ran insulin” but rather blood glucose or A1C…? Since those would give you a short and longer term view? But also, like you mentioned, testing for a specific reason not just to “see.”

  8. I get mine checked because I’m overweight and my dad was a type 2 but it’s a precaution. She says she was hyperglycemic but I still can’t tell if that was a self diagnosis or not.

  9. “Your doctor won’t get it” girl there’s doctors who specialize in diabetes education and some of them have type 1. This is wreckless. I get doctors can’t always diagnose you, but everything she’s said is really questionable most of the time also wasn’t Ken Berry a family practitioner so was his area of study general? Most of the keto guys are former chiros so I gotta ask.

  10. There’s definitely a lab test for insulin levels! It’s a hormone naturally produced by the body (if you’re not type 1 diabetic lmao)

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