legging recommendations

  1. I recently bought from Athleta and I love them! I bought the Rainier tights and the Salutation Stash tights, the salutation ones have a thicker waistband with good compression and may be a good option!

  2. Ooh thank you!! I got a pair of leggings from Athleta that I did not like, but they were neither of those. I’ll definitely look into those :)

  3. I know most people hate them on here but if you want the worlds tightest waste band and never want to see that flap of lose skin, get the nvgtn leggings. OR. Get the Amazon version for like half the price from Aoxjox. I have the nvgtn ones but I’ve never tried the Amazon ones.

  4. Try T.J Maxx they have a bunch of brands such as 90 degree, Zobha etc. I personally love Zobha they feel like lululemon dupes and are under $20. Super soft but durable and don’t pill in the thigh area! They also have great compression for the stomach area but don’t dig in:).

  5. Fleo. They were designed for women with trunks and smaller waists! One of the very, very few leggings that are soft, stay up, and fit without restricting for me.

  6. Ooh thank you!! I’ll def look into that, I believe I’ve seen spandex shorts from them before which I like to wear too!!!

  7. I love my Kamo fitness leggings. I also had the same problem of the waist being too big. And they’re all high waisted with a larger band.

  8. Girlfriend collective! Their standard leggings would probably fit the bill for you, and so would the luxe line

  9. I love my lulu Wunder trains but I also love Fabletics Powerhold fabric. They’re my go to for higher compression leggings and they’re my first pic when I do things like hike. If you’ve never bought from them the 2 for $24 leggings deal is a steal. I’m thinking of having my sister buy some for me because I want more 😂

  10. As someone who has loose stomach skin after 100lbs+weight loss I highly recommend Lululemon Wunder Trains. I wear a size 4 in the leggings and they provide enough compression so you don’t have any “bounce/wiggle” in the stomach area.

  11. I enjoy the Wunder train waist band!! I also wear a size 4 which fits decent too a little big, but I have massive thighs like the size of tree trunks and solid and they kinda make my legs look like sausages lol I wish I didn’t have that issue but I do like them!!

  12. The vital seamless from gymshark have a high band and are super compressive in my experience. Also the limitless and evolve leggings from style fitness apparel are high waisted and compressive. And I found some good gymshark and acta wear dupes on Amazon called wodowei

  13. I’m new to gymsnark and i know some people aren’t a buffbunny fan, but their rosa material feels similarish to the Lulu leggings I have. Big fan of that specific line and have bought several types (shorts, leggings) and colors.

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