Came here to piggy back off the post I saw earlier.. can someone please stop this obnoxious man.

  1. Dude throws random numbers out there 😂 he didn’t do that many checks ins. He says things like this all the time to sound more desirable and popular of a coach than he is. He said he had 347 inquires after Toronto show. Like oh you counted?

  2. Sorry- but I don’t believe him. No way. He had no check-ins. Maybe one. He’s like this other man I know who is 5’6” in height (tops). Yet he goes around inserting the fact that he’s 5’11” into conversations every time he can work it in. James posts these things to try to convince the world that he has so many eggs. I think much of it is his imagination.

  3. The fact that you’re in gymsnark means you’re at least somewhat of an informed consumer. If they are a big name and there’s bad things about them in here, dm girls that are with them and girls that you may have learned left them and ask why. Blatantly ask why, even though it may come across as intrusive. You have to look out for yourself. Gymsnark is anonymous though so any smaller team recommended - take that with a grain of salt too bc it could very well be their coach pointing you to that team. I will mention Paul Revelia - it is not someone my girlfriend has directly worked with, but he puts out very good info, and seems to have excellent rapport with all of his clients. Ask around and know what you’re looking for.

  4. I have a friend that’s been getting coached by Kerrigan pike (or Hstl Hrdr). I’ve watched this girls transformation and it’s pretty solid. Kergians done a good job coaching her and she’s not super pricey either last I checked.

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