Cleaned the safe out today. Am I missing anything?

  1. And a nice lever gun.. V-2 Thumper with a skeleton stock maybe... Or even just an old Henry 30 with a nice leather Fanny pack

  2. I've been eyeballing a marlin 336 in 30-30 lately but can't really jive with the price. On the other hand though the ruger vaquero in .45LC looks nice

  3. I've been getting that a lot and I know what optic I want but... justifying it is another matter. I'm sinking solid groups at 100 yards still. Ammo and practice

  4. Description Top to Bottom: Ruger 10/22: .22 Super x model 1: 12 gauge Rugee Ar-556: 5.556 Maverick 88: 12 gauge Savage 111: 30-06 Remington 788: 6mm Remington(can't find ammo anywhere) Steven's 311 double barrel side by side: 12 gauge

  5. IMHO, definitely a light and optic for your AR, maybe something semi-auto in 7.62 like an AK or Bren 2, a reliable compact or subcompact CCW, and hell, throw in a PCC and some suppressors because, why not.

  6. Already has a light! It's on the other side (I'm a righty) I can thumb the button with my weak hand from the foregrip

  7. You need a nice lever gun or 3, an M1 garand, some more handguns and at least an AK. Maybe a black powder rifle and revolver just cause they're so damn fun and also a nice cowboy single action revolver. Then I'd consider this a dream collection.

  8. You got enough to kill anything in North America, now it’s time to get what you want. Maybe a lever action 45-70 for bears, it’ll sit well with this fudd collection too

  9. You at least a minimum of 4 hand guns my dude. Also where's your noob toob/under barrel? You're going to need some kind of explosive to clear the nests.

  10. Yeah nothing you got there can take a man out of the fight like a 9mm. Know what im saying? Blow them lungs clean out of the body bobby.

  11. If it where me thered be a few more ars since I like using them so much and there versatile (I like having std 16 or 14.5 .223wyldes for defense as well as either a 6arc or 6.5 grendel and 7.62x39ar for hunting power or range as well an 18 inch rifle length 5.56 for smooth impulse and maximizing the velocity effectiveness of 5.56 ) but you got one hella solid ar set up so that's just a matter of opinion.

  12. AK or milsurp bolt gun maybe? Idk you’ve got all your bases covered pretty well. Do you carry? Maybe a compact or sub compact modern handgun? Or a J-frame snub nose if you prefer wheel guns.

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