Spotted in the wild…WTF is this rig for?

  1. Honestly, if they had thumb breaks for quick access and a long coat for concealment, it might be pretty cool. As it is though it just seems ridiculous.

  2. Also, that rig is to make it easier for the waitstaff to carry all the condiments between tables in one trip

  3. If that's a pistol on the left, it's a good rig for shooting yourself in the leg. There's almost no way to draw without flagging yourself without having to bring your arm way out and away from your body. In other words, the grip should be flipped in the other direction.

  4. Oh for Christ sake those are nerf hammer shots, what in the heck is going on here. For those who don't know the nerf community is really big on NOT painting your blasters black and taking them out into public.

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