California working on denying gun permits based on "ideological viewpoints"

  1. Honestly, that could be interesting. SCOTUS may gain the opportunity to overturn the patriot act which may have interesting implications for individuals

  2. And then they will get overturned. There is a reason the 9th Circuit is the most overturned. Straight up ignoring the law is a great way to have your ruling thrown out.

  3. You generally can't sue the government for money, and even when you can it's only to cover actual losses. Best case scenario you get your permit fee refunded after 5 years and 200k or so in legal fees.

  4. If I’m understanding FTBC v. Hyatt, state gets to decide if they can be sued. Not that it matters cause CA has a cap on how much you get cause they got sued and lost so much in the past.

  5. Thomas's opinion straight up contemplates these types of hoops and makes it clear SCOTUS will gladly entertain more lawsuits by any state trying to pull bullshit like this.

  6. The Ninth circuit will find creative ways for interpreting the SC decision and wait for it to get back up to the SC -- which might look different by that time. It's all about buying time.

  7. Yup. Even if it takes another 10 years of waiting (until 2033), the Democrat Party has a dead set agenda of Packing the Supreme Court when they get a De Jure Majority in the Senate alongside the House and Presidency again. Not a matter of if, but when.

  8. Not an attorney here, but I do know there is a ton of case law out there already to clearly define what "good moral character" is legally defined as. It's a requirement for naturalization and used as a basis for denying naturalization applications for decades now. So it's seen it's day in court a lot. If you live in CA, and think this may be an issue for you, I'd recommend just researching some of the federal rulings on good moral character to understand it's legal definition as that may be helpful knowledge going in to this fight. And as we leaned in the 80s, "knowing is half the battle", GI Joe

  9. Wheres the duche bag who called me a retard for saying this same fucking thing last week? Where you at now you fucking moron.

  10. I can't wait for the 9th to uphold this so states like AZ and MT can start denying voting rights to people who aren't ideologically pure (ie, "Democrats").

  11. But this is where there should be a joint view that the government has over stepped its bounds. The same way we don’t want anyone fucking with our guns is the same way some woman don’t want to be told what they can and can’t do with their bodies. And a religious belief is not something that should dictate a law! But here we are!

  12. I agree with you. This sort of stuff is just going to get worse. Bruen was good, but the Roe decision was not. And now blue states are going to try and take “revenge” for that by passing bad gun laws. As if that even makes sense. Even if they’re unconstitutional, they’ll send people to jail for years before they’re overturned. And no one will be held accountable. They already do it - now they’re gonna go even harder.

  13. this may hold up in court. i have an airline transport pilot certification and its the only certification for pilots that also has a "of good moral character" requirement. i would think if that was unenforceable they would have challenged that a long time ago

  14. Being able to fly transport airliners isn't exactly an "inalienable right" recognized by the constitution. Not saying you should be able to fly if you're a psychopath, but that might be different.

  15. Sometimes it really bugs me how they always use the most terrible thumbnails... This is one of those times

  16. If they want to play that game its not going to end well, at best they waste millions of dollars and get nothing at worst they lose the ability to regulate guns at all for willful and flagrant violations of the constitution.

  17. They don't care about the money. They won't lose the right to do anything that they otherwise can do. There is no cost or risk to them for doing it except money. California is engaging in a game of whack-a-mole. It's cynical, but it's not going to stop.

  18. As abhorrent as I find white nationalism and fascism. I think you would need to identify a specific threat, which would already elevate it to the level of a crime.

  19. What cracks me up is that these are the same people who threw all of their money and support behind judicial activism. They figured that they would get the courts to give them the things that they couldn’t pass through legislature. They cheered on the nuclear option and praised the new activist judges. Now that the Supreme Court is dominated by conservatives and originalists, they want to abolish the entire legal system and find ways to nullify the courts opinion.

  20. Yea who would live in one of the richest states just because Neo Nazi Nate won't be able to buy a gun right?

  21. They should definitely deny liberals.. last time I checked, communist trying to overthrow was treason. It's always been well know that liberals love guns, they just love guns that are used against anyone that opposes their hive death march

  22. Lol tell me you want to be sued without telling me you want to be sued. Their horseshit is going to cause a wave of pro-rights rulings the likes of which we have never seen before

  23. When I see videos about crime in California it does my heart good to know my fellow democrats have a place to go where they won't have to live next door to a republican.

  24. They can certainly fucking try. It won't end up going in their favor though considering it's not only a violation of the 2nd amendment but a violation of the 1st aswell.

  25. Of course they are. Just wait till the government gets control of our money with their digital currency. Say the wrong thing online and you won’t be able to pay rent. These people want total control and we are way to trusting. Before we realize we will be in chains.

  26. Jfk and several others warned decades ago that democrats party was taken over by communist party. This is not speculation, this verifiable ... at least for now.. people ne to get these video clips and archive them before the democrats try to erase them from history

  27. Mask is coming off. Trump broke these poor people and they are completely off the rails. When you hold up a mirror they really really don’t like what they see.

  28. If you are an extremist who doesn't believe in whatever the piece of paper the governor signed said is morally correct, then you should die by the hands of a robber who only wanted to steal your cars carburetor.

  29. Considering there is no "historical precedence" in the constitution barring anyone from using ideology as the basis for a ban of anything then it will probably work.

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