The PRS Tele-style prototype currently being road tested by Myles Kennedy

  1. The Alter Bridge guys always get unusual shape PRS guitars. Remember when Mark Tremonti had a custom explorer thingy?

  2. I think it's mostly the angle you're seeing it from. It probably looks exactly like a Tele from the front, but that PRS scoop is making it look thin from this angle.

  3. Looks a bit odd to me with the PRS headstock, but Its just me. Still one of my favorite modern metal/rock guitarists out there. He is a known singer but absolutely kills it behind guitar. I actually like his solos more than Tremonti-s on some AB songs :D

  4. All the people I've seen with contacts at PRS indicate that at this point in time there are no plans to turn this into a production guitar. This is just a one-off guitar that was made for Myles for a specific project.

  5. PRS guitars are good I don’t see the need to copy other designs. I get the silver sky bc of the Mayer connection but this doesn’t really make any sense?

  6. What are you on about. They just released the SE Silver Sky for the same price as the Players Series, and they’re about the same specs as that.

  7. PRS guitars are the ugliest out there. I won’t ever play one because they’re so damn strange looking. The weird cutaway notch thing, the controls, that damn headstock. Yuck.

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