So I’m confused by both what the letters at the top of the tab mean and by what the parentheses indicate. Any help would be wonderful. I’ve got the first three bars down and it sounds great but I’m just wondering about the finer details. Thanks much.

  1. + signs indicate notes that are tied to the previous note (which also correspond to the notes in parentheses), not dotted notes. If it was dotted, bar 6 would be a sixteenth longer than 4 beats, for example.

  2. That’s the specific grade of Toan you need to pour into your amp before playing. If you wanna use E grade Toan to play A grade music you’re gonna have a bad time.

  3. If you use the letters as the starting point and count up once for ever number in the tab below, you receive the first words of the cypher. Then take those letters and assign them to the correlating letter of the alphabet (A=1). With your new letters, move forward in the alphabet for each number related to the string tabbed (E=1). At this point, you simply have to convert the numbers back into their alphabetical relation (a=1), and you’ve receive the tab of how to play the song, as if it were played backwards on a record player. With this knowledge you can now summon the devil strictly based on tab, completely removing the need to set up a record player, preamp, speakers, and scrub your favorite record backwards in order to hear the word of our lord and savior Rick Beato.

  4. This is to indicate the face you should make when playing each note. You should look like you’re saying that letter. Helps with everyone understanding how intense you’re playing.

  5. The paranthesese are for ghost notes. They're usually subtle articulations that rhythmically anticipate a target note. If you listen to the recording and follow along with the tabs, it'll make sense.

  6. That's only the case if it doesn't correspond to a note with a + symbol in the rhythmic notation. In this case, all the notes in parentheses are tied to the last note of the previous bar. If you put parentheses around the second note in bar 2, for example, that would be a ghost note.

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