how to make good grilled cheese

  1. If you have one, use a cast iron pan. I usually melt butter in a pan and then soak it up with the bread. Seems to give it a thicker "crust" doing that. If you're using a lot of cheese put a piece of foil over the top to keep in the heat so the cheese melts all the way through before you burn the bread trying to melt it.

  2. Don't grate cheese, slice it. Place it on your bread with no spread and close up. Spread mayo on one side, pop it in your best butter-greased pan and spread other side with mayo. Cover and after a few minutes flip, cover again. Covering helps the cheese melt and using a combo of butter in the pan and mayo makes the bread almost caramelize. If you're in America, use American cheese, Gruyère or Colby Jack. If you don't have access to these cheeses e.g. being in Britain like me, use Cheddar or Red Leicester if you like. The best bread is sourdough, if you don't like sourdough it's fine to use white. For the best experience, pierce in some olives on each slice with cocktail sticks. Serve with tomato soup if you're really hungry. Oh, and NEVER cut sideways. Always cut diagonally. Hope this helps!

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