The weed funder

  1. 20€ is like 3/4 kebabs. I've been over 150kg in the past and I don't think I could've gotten down even 2.

  2. Anon is living in 2077, where we don't have any kind of futuristic stuff but inflation is through the roof

  3. Or, maybe, she just gave him the most common size bill instead of messing with cash to give him exactly six euros and fifty cents?

  4. I wish everyone could just talk in terms of dollars and pounds. I feel like you’re trying to see me a sack of French beans at a medieval theme park. I have to undelete my calculator now

  5. I live in a family of weed smokers, the one exemption to that is myself, my dad and my grandpa (we have a big family).

  6. As long as they’re not hurting anyone besides themselves, I think their fine, life’s meaningless so you should enjoy it however you want for the little time you’re in this world

  7. Finally someone says this. I thought everybody here on reddit is addicted to weed and acts like getting high 24x7 is absolutely normal and like eating a salad.

  8. Things like this makes me forget the trouble of only having low-end stuff around. In south asia, you can get 30g with that. Though the thc percentage is half of europe’s

  9. Throwback to the time my grandma gave me $100 and told me not to use it for drugs, and then I specifically used a $100 that she didn't give me to buy Molly (I had $200)

  10. My mom would work very long hours and felt bad about leaving me home alone as a kid. So she started bringing me weed when I asked, or was depressed. Now we have a strange relationship where I say I'm sad and she offers me weed to smoke.

  11. Well in Portugal 20 for 2,5 is around a normal price. I usually buy for around 7 a g, but I've gotten for 6€, although that one was a bit shit. The most I've paid was 10€ but it was amazing quality, like the type of thing you see on

  12. It really amazes me how people can be a parasite on their family and society and be alright with it. Like dude you should be ashamed

  13. Man i smoke but i dont ask my parents for drug money tf thats just a new low and hes getting ripped off for 2.5g

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