Germanon makes a few observations about Dunkirk evacuations

  1. The Germans had the right idea but they went about it the wrong way. Should've unleashed a bio weapon and call it an accidental lab leak. That way they would've got away with killing millions upon millions of people.

  2. Back then they didn't have good enough technology to actually create very effective bioweapons. Besides since hygiene was shit too Germany would suffer from it as much as the rest of the world

  3. Yeah just should have engineered a virus that kills just enough and targets mostly weaker immune people(all ages)

  4. My Great-Grandad got left behind at Dunkirk. He got taken in by a resistance cell (they taught him French and covered his Scottish accent by pretending he was Italian).

  5. sometimes I think about how crazy the world used to be. your great grandad saw more of the world because of a war then most people will see in their lives

  6. That’s mad, my great Granda saw his friend get shot during the evacuation and then captured, my great grandad always thought he died, my great gran received a letter decades later from him saying he was a POW and escaped and was trying to get in touch ever since… my great grandad passed away at 96 and I don’t think he ever saw the letter.

  7. I love seeing armchair generals talk about how Germany were good guys in the war and about how America single-handedly won the war AFTER the Soviets turned it around and the Brits had defeated Rommel and the Italians in North Africa, and had been fighting the Japanese in the Pacific Theater, halting their advance intro greater Asia.

  8. American contribution to success in the war was more second-hand support rather than on the battlefield. Example: Russia beating the Nazis on the Eastern front would have taken significantly longer without American-produced trucks

  9. Mainly it was too many fronts for one nation to manage. Now soviets proudly marching into Reichstag and waving their flag as if they were the biggest contributor looks silly.

  10. Brits were BTFO of Singapore by the Japanese, humiliated in North Africa by Rommel, and had their entire island blown to shit by the nazis. They literally only scrapped by because of American convoys and aid.

  11. Imagine being a country full of protestant extremists for so long you actually believe this.

  12. Nazis really had no interest in England at all and they went ahead and destroyed their entire 300 year empire just to spite them. Kind of wild.

  13. Germany did have interest in Britain, but at the start of the war Hitler wanted them as an ally. Eventually when Churchill made it clear that there would be no peace, Hitler started planning Operation Sealion, the invasion of Britain. This couldn't go ahead because Germany then lost air superiority over the English Channel and their boats would have been destroyed easily by the RAF. Later in the war, Hitler focused his attention more on the USSR and stopped trying to invade Britain

  14. The Russians also helped win the war by making Germany have to defend itself on 2 sides. Germany fumbled its Russian invasion and that’s why they failed (or at least why they failed so quickly)

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