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  1. Depends on the state and who's living in the house. I think, in Massachusetts, you're not allowed to defend unless there's a disabled person in the house.

  2. Can confirm. Have buttfucked intruder with blade. It was rubber Halloween knife and I used lube to make the event less traumatic. Burglar left crying like a bitch.

  3. Was it here in the states where that guy broke into a notorious gay criminal who happened to be a giant of a man. Said homeowner than captured the intruder and made him his gimp for weeks.

  4. I don't see why that's a problem. If someone breaks into my house, they obviously had horrible intentions from the start.

  5. In Maryland we have duty to retreat laws where you basically have to hide and can only defend your home if they are breaking down the door to get to you specifically

  6. Well now someone needs to go for the judge so that in the future they know if they get someone in jail because of dumb shit like this they will be fucked up

  7. Austria here: friend of mine got assaulted in the middle of a bar,told the guy to stop harassing the bartender There's cctvs capturing how he got attacked by the guy a few times Friend throws punch breaks assailants nose Assailant sues friend and is granted € 5k+

  8. Sometimes it feels like this is totally inescapable. Like not even just real, life threatening stuff, but basic bullying in middle school. I still remember fucking yelling at my bully to fuck off as he was beating the shit out of me and being sent to the principal for daring to swear. Meanwhile, I'm all bruised and I can't put pressure on my left leg because it feels like my knee will implode. On the other hand, that lil' shit got off with a "stern talking to" with the teacher that absolutely adored him. Thankfully, the trauma had led to me not leaving my room / house unless I absolutely have to, so I am minimizing danger, at least.

  9. Intruder was unarmed and had allegedly had his car vandalised by the other guy earlier in the night.

  10. This is one of the drawbacks of some European justice systems. Like what is one supposed to do in such a situation? Offer the thief a cup of tea? If you enter someone's house in the dead of night, be prepared to die. It is that simple.

  11. I don't know the answer, but I have heard the correct protocol according to them is to quietly wait aside for the police to come. Obviously this is 100% Farm-Grade Maneur, but I hear a lot of people try to justify it. Lot's of people making laws that are very soft in the head, and there's a lot of laws out there that are "compassion for criminals"

  12. Maybe on logical reason is that say you invited someone over, got in argument or something and killed them. You could then kill and claim self defense for anyone entering your home.

  13. "Mr Justice McDermott said the damage done to the family was horrendous beyond words. Mr Power had been an exceptionally hard working young man, fuelled by his love for the sea and his father's encouragement."

  14. As an Irishman, besides his abhorrent (and sadly common) hairstyle, I think he was in the right. Someone breaks into your house in the night and tries assaulting you? Drunk or not if I have a knife it's disappearing into his chest.

  15. On the flip side my mate was jumped for being gay and had his jaw broken. The 3 black lads that jumped him are well known has been more than a year and the gards haven't done a thing. Absolutely bananas

  16. for once I side with America, if someone breaks into your house you got every right to use lethal force if they get violent

  17. Lol have fun with all the looting and shit and having your face and name plastered around your whole nation when you defend yourself.

  18. For all its faults this is why America is a better country as he could have shot that fucker 20 times in the head and everyone would be cool with it.

  19. The Irish news stories on this are wild. They really paint the guy who got shanked as some sort of Saint and valued member of the community. It was fucking weird. And then the judge’s comments were very out of left field.

  20. I feel like his fuckng atrocious haircut is distracting some people from how utterly fucked this situation (and by extension, self-defense laws as a whole in Ireland and UK) is. This lad is getting time for defending himself and his mum. Fuckkng clown world

  21. I know that every time I am awoken in the middle of the night by an intruder the 1st thing I do is refer to my state's laws then I refer to federal laws before acting

  22. Someone that agrees with the court's decision on this give me the hypothetical on what was supposed to happen, because I'm completely stumped.

  23. I’ve heard that some people expect you to just call the police and hide while there’s a possibly armed intruder inside your own home.

  24. Break into a house here in Alabama and getting out alive would be the best you could hope for. They're not usually that lucky! We don't play that crap down here!

  25. As a wise man once said “if someone comes to your home at night doesn’t have blood “ and “ if a man comes to kill you wake up first and kill him”

  26. The judge is an ass. You can sit there and listen to all the facts but you'll never understand how that kid felt. When you're being attacked by someone you're not thinking rationally, you're trying to defend yourself with all means available.

  27. To all fellow euro people. If you defend yourself against an attacker, do not call the police. 1. They really are fucking useless for the victims, 2. Calling them is just asking to get in trouble. Self defence laws basically don’t exist.

  28. Austria here: friend of mine got assaulted in the middle of a bar,told the guy to stop harassing the bartender There's cctvs capturing how he got attacked by the guy a few times Friend throws punch breaks assailants nose Assailant sues friend and is granted € 5k+

  29. Does every 17yo Tyler wakes up one day and thinks to himself: I want PUBES on my head? Like really what's up with curly hair? Is ancient Greeks popular now?

  30. And people there can't do anything about it? Everybody just watches as a innocent person loses years of his life in jail? Can't they do something? God, this pisses me off

  31. Irish judges and politicians live in well-off communities and are pretty immune to the scum of the earth. I wonder whether they will ever change their judgments when they and their families become victims of a home invasion or other violent crimes — the pathetic Irish judicial system at its finest. This is why criminals gets bolder SMH.

  32. Kind of surprised by this. Youths in Ireland usually get away with anything because guards won’t prosecute minors, petty crime is out of hand these days because of it.

  33. His ear looks like God forgot to give him one at first so pulled one out of the lost and found bin for him nd hastily jammed it on in almost the right spot.

  34. In short, wait until you're buried 6 feet under before using self-defense. You can't be charged for self-defense if you did not defend yourself.

  35. Poor kid already had his house broken into and has to live with the fact that he killed a man for the rest of his life. If you don't want to get stabbed don't break into someone's house

  36. Anybody who uses force against a home intruder and doesn't say "They said 'I'm going to kill you', so I assumed they were going to kill me" is making a big mistake. They're in your home, your words vs theirs I bet yours wins

  37. Wait what I thought like he went mental and like stabbed the dude 30 times but only once? Even when I thought it was the other I thought imprisonment was excessive for self defense

  38. The idea that you’re expected to use just enough force to subdue an attacker, as if you could know how much force that is, is one of the stupidest laws in most places

  39. Why do lawmakers believe you should have to make it a fair fight if you’re defending yourself, it’s so incredibly stupid

  40. This is the same outcome in sweden, but on the other hand if you rape someone and held in custody one year too long you get $75k

  41. It boggles the mind that a jury sentenced this guy. I would truly want to have a sit down with the jurors and asked why exactly they convicted someone who killed out of self-defense. What sort of dopey rationalization do you go through to agree to the idea that you should not be allowed to defend yourself.

  42. When a big guy is coming for you and you have a knife. In the heat of the moment, you think you're aiming for a leg or is your only need to stop the person attacking you? People saying aim for arm or leg would not survive an attack.

  43. Yea was little excessive, could of just used a pan or a roller pin, spatula. Just went full on kill mode at a fist fight. If he had a gun I'll understand

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