/pol/ discusses South Korean Halloween stampede

  1. Hot take. Does Uvalde also remind you of Sandy Hook? Does Vietnam remind you of the Korean war? Does Mello Yellow remind you of Mountain Dew? Don't be afraid to be honest.

  2. Same, astro world was dodgy as hell with all the satanic-ish imagery, the gates with the guy eating the people as they walk in and weird shit like that, now with the korean one as there were people getting CPR and dying the signs on some of the buildings had the grim reaper and stuff like that

  3. These crowds can reach densities upwards of 5 people/m2, at this density you don't have enough personal space to move as you wish and the whole crowd starts to behave like a fluid. Crowd physics go wayyy deeper than one might think, but from what I understood most death occur not in stampede but rather in asphyxiation, as you're able to breath out but not to breath back in due to the insane pressure applied by the crowd on your body. Though I'm no expert and this needs to be verified.

  4. The problem is it's impossible to help out others. The crowd density is so bad it becomes difficult to even breathe. You're constantly being pushed in different directions you have no choice but to step on others

  5. Crowd crush isn’t getting trampled, it’s getting squeezed. You can be standing up normally, but the people around you are all packed together and squeezed, and if you get squeezed enough you will lose consciousness, and then either fall, or stay upright and stuck while suffocating

  6. Ever been in a moshpit before? It's hard work to keep standing upright and not falling down on the ground yourself. Probably hard to try and get others up without getting stomped to death yourself. Especially if that flood of people constantly drags you in a certain direction, away from the people that may lay underneath your feet

  7. Wait like this happened for literally no reason? They were all just kinda there? I don't understand not being like "fuck this I hate it" and leaving the massive crowd long before it became crowd singularity somehow. I was in Salem mass on Halloween and it wasn't that bad.

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