Anon's mom is weird

  1. OCD, but the sensitivity to taste and apparent unawareness of her body's needs (she can't feel herself becoming dehydrated?) makes me think autism as well. It's common for autistic people to also have OCD.

  2. I’ve never understood people who can taste strong differences in water. Like sure I can taste the difference between tap water and bottled water slightly, but unless the water has high levels of sulfur it all tastes pretty much the same to me regardless of which purification process has been used or what minerals have been added or taken away. On the one hand it’s nice being able to drink whatever kind of water is available, on the other hand I feel like I’m missing out on something since I can’t really differentiate between types of water.

  3. isnt it already an assumed thing that it's an entire spectrum on which disorders such as autism/adhd/ocd and all that are?

  4. I have Asperger's and never realise I'm dehydrated, I rarely ever feel thirsty. I'm nearly always dehydrated, even in the UK heatwave I just never thought to drink even though I was sweating buckets. My ex bought me a 1ltr water bottle and made me keep a daily count sheet of the number of times I was supposed to drink it, on doctor's orders :/

  5. it's probably OCPD, not OCD. Obsessions in OCD are egodystonic - the patient will be scared of them and want them to go away. Obsessions in OCPD are egosyntonic - the patient is usually fine with them. this sounds like a case of the latter.

  6. if this was the 15th century I'd really like to lock her into a room with just a bowl of warm water and feed her dry food to see if she's actually retarded enough to die

  7. My mother also does this regularly but with both water and sprite. So I think it's from homemade ways found to not buy those old slushie cups they used to market on tv that became pretty popular and now they're sperging about it even in old age. Try to find an old man who wont call you crazy for drinking shit room temperature either. Old people in general seem very dedicated to their ice which I could understand if they didn't also act like a 3 year old snubbing their nose up at broccoli to anything not to their standard

  8. “-itis” being used like that always cracks me up since it means “inflammation of” instead of the generic disease (-osis) meaning that everyone thinks it is.

  9. That's by far not enough information but it sounds like an OCD or delusional disorder. But it could also be some kind of personality disorder because - as said - it's not enogh informtion about her symptoms, behaviour or her personal view. Anon should simply bring her to a therapist. These kind of symptoms usually get way worse over time and become harder to treat.

  10. Fake: Smart water is not alkaline at all. The vapor distillation process leaves the smart water slightly acidic even after they add the minerals back for taste.

  11. you can't diagnose a person online unless you have all their medical file and information you need and of course, the right education and medical knowledge yourself. AKA just go to a psychiatrist.

  12. I wonder if it’s just water or all liquids too. I know people who don’t drink a lot of plain water but drink lots of juices, sweet teas and sodas.

  13. Yeah, that sounds like obsessive compulsive disorder, but I’m a fucking moron and don’t have a medical license, so fuck if I actually know.

  14. I only drink bottled water that I take from the fridge. People who say it tastes the same as tap water are morons

  15. Anon, that’s not your mom, that’s a demonic incarnation with specific terms to meet so as to summon the intergalactic goddess…..

  16. Trekking in the Himalayas, I met a group of Americans who were bottling water from a stream and using a UV stirrer to clean the water. This is probably some of or if not the cleanest fresh mineral water in the world, and the fuckwits are using a UV stirrer.

  17. My mother won't let us store water in bottles because some retarded godman said that is why she is having bad luck. Have to keep an earthen pot full of water like it's the 13th Century.

  18. That's natural selection saying she should never have survived long enough to reproduce. Though as pompous as she may sound, some people have disorders related to taste, smell and touch that can prevent them from doing things even under threat of death and it's not really their fault. If she tried HARD to drink water without doing this, her body might straight up reject it quite messily. I know people with eating disorders, if they try to eat a sandwich with any one specified ingredient missing they will hack it up ten minutes later before it has a chance to digest. It's like the brain becomes convinced that you have been poisoned.

  19. I was 32 (Jan. 2022) & only 95lbs before I learned I had severe food sensory disorders (including water). For years people would tell me I "didn't eat enough" & to "just eat more". I tried to explain, I wanted to but couldn't.. It wasn't until I began looking into it on my own & studied nutrition that I realized I actually had a real problem. This isnt talked about enough. I've been treating myself & so far been able to gain 20 lbs in the last 6 months. I can also now drink "regular" water w/out gagging half the time.

  20. I share some of those quirks. When I can I have the coldest possible water and I serve it in a chilled beer mug. It just tastes better that way.

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