Who would rather have a remaster of GT4 than GT7?

  1. If you mean a GT4 Remake, as in a whole new game with physics, graphics, customization, online multiplayer and such like GT7 but with the same old cars, events, and single player progression style of the original GT4, then absolutely yes. If you just mean an upscaled port of GT4, then no.

  2. I do wonder how much ot GT4 they could include in a full remake because of the licensing issues with cars. I'd be curious what cars or even tracks they'd have issues with.

  3. Well said, GT4 is still the peak of the series (though GT2 has the better soundtrack), it's amazing how much content Polyphony was able to squeeze into the game

  4. I would kinda like to see Autumn Ring in 4k. I'm not sure if it was in 4 but still would like to see it. I have many of painful then fun memories of that track 😂

  5. Me, probably because of nostalgia overload, but I went back and played the game, and it’s just as good as I remember it being in 2004.

  6. Oh, gt6 does a lot that gt7 doesn't do. So did you play gt4 on ps2 with component or upscaled via emulator?

  7. Well, seeing as how GT7 is really just GT sport 2.0, maybe we'll get that as GT8 prolouge B-spec II on the PS 7 in another 12 years or so🤔

  8. hahaha maybe. By then kids will just be making monthly payments to be able to play games. Dang I tried to sound futuristic, but this is already the case XD

  9. by remaster, do you mean just gt4, but with better graphics and keeping all the cars and content the same? of so, then it doesn't really make any sense to have a 'remaster', might as well make an entirely new game based on gt4 and call it gt8

  10. Yeah essentially graphics and cars the same, content the same, perhaps updated physics to say GT6-level? Or maybe that'd be a bit of a no no changing physics from original. Another option would be to have all the new cars from GT7, but I mean all the tracks and career have to be the same as GT4. ... oh and bump the limit for Favorite cars for LAN play from 30 to unlimited. Such an annoying limit, have to remove all favorites and add all the same 30 cars for all 4 of my connected systems.

  11. Only thing missing is the soundtrack, I grew up with the PAL ones so of course I'd love those, but they could basically include every OST from every region, even though music is pretty subjective of course

  12. Nice list. Not sure about the microtransactions part though. And my personal preference has the physics of GT6. They nailed that to my liking more than any other game (possibly) when using my wheel.

  13. Also I'd very much completely remove MTX and make it so that you can win the same prize cars over and over like in GT4, and whether that prize car is a fantasy car or not make it so that one always gets money from selling it, that whole "this car is a prototype therefore has no value" thing is just BS -.-

  14. Absolutely. GT4 had charm. GT games has felt soulless ever since GT5. GT4 had so many tracks that actually was detailed. Ridiculous amount of content. Insane graphics for PS2, even the skyboxes looked realistic. Actually just make this a 4k game with same graphics and trophy support and multiplayer I am paying 70$.

  15. You sound like me. 100% agreed (but gt2 being my favorite for its time). Modern gaming has gone down the tubes and PD has gone down with them, so I'm giving up on them. Old GT games until games improve (if).

  16. I didn’t play it, but I don’t think modern games will ever capture the old days of video games (before the online patches) Them old games where imperfectly perfect!

  17. I just want more cars, and I’m not talking million dollar classics or race cars. I want some 2006 Chevy Impala type cars…

  18. You and me both. I actually ONLY like the road cars and I prefer older cars I grew up with (90s, 2000s).

  19. Hard disagree. PD's soul has long left the building. GT6 felt like a "oh you forgot your backpack, GT5! Here!" and then it was awful since then.

  20. GT4 is my favourite in the series but no. I'd rather have a new game. If I want to play GT4 I can just do so, I don't need a remaster. The game has aged extremely well

  21. I've been playing GT4 the last couple of weeks with an emulator, upscaled to 1080p. I haven't bought GT7 and I'm not planning to.

  22. Heck I would love to get gt3-gt6 remasterd or in the PlayStation store so I could play it on my ps5.

  23. No. I still need my modern cars despite many missing from GT7. Just bring back the courses GT4 has than GT7 doesn't have.

  24. I would like to see a return to the deep performance mod options of GT2 more than anything. Take GT vision cars to an even further extreme and things along those lines. Most simulation games allow for extremely unlikely/unrealistic variables and allow for a more sandbox experience. Why not GT?

  25. A hundred times yes! If as in remaster you mean current graphics and physics but same content as before (career, cars and everything). Then even a thousand times yes!

  26. You too? hahaha. Yeah I sold my PS5 because of shitfest GT7. Now I play GT6 on my new ps3 though. I tried GT4 on PCSX2 first and couldn't get it to my liking.

  27. I wouldn’t mind a remaster with new graphics, sound quality, car interiors, day & night cycle etc., with the core gameplay & racing left untouched

  28. Not unless they added Sport mode to GT4. I’ve only gotten about 10% the way through the single player on GT7. I’m here for the Sport mode. GT Sport 2 would have been ok with me!

  29. Exactly. They should have started with GT4 and improved it in every way, but it almost seems they started from scratch... maybe a different development team?

  30. Only if we can get Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini, along with all of the post-2005 from the makes already in the game.

  31. It’s been so many years since I last played GT4. Can anyone remind me what was so great about GT4, vs GT7?

  32. https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/gt7-vs-gt4-an-unlikely-but-necessary-comparison.405934/#:~:text=While%20GT4%20is%20clearly%20no,than%20many%20of%20us%20realize

  33. I never understand what this means. How can you “remake” a GT game and not call it the next installment? GT7 is technically a remake of the previous installments

  34. Great thread, there are some awesome ideas in here to cherry pick the best bits and add them to GT7. I actually like the game just fine, but there’s always room for improvement and there are some great ideas here

  35. I will never forget how much content, races , cars , tracks had gt6 . That one I love and remember very much since I didn't have PS1 and 2. GT6 was best to me . Yeah technology in gt7 is awesome but new cars lacking, tracks lacking. It's like GT sport with dlc .

  36. GT6 is my go-to right now as well. After passing GT7 and then selling it and my ps5, I played GT6 and was absolutely blown away. Giggling with happiness.

  37. They won't be though. I've been waiting almost half a year for them to fix split screen... which they acknowledged they know about.

  38. Very interesting. I skipped 3 and then only played a bit of it after 5. What did it have that 4 didn't? More soul?

  39. I would rather we talked about the great game we have instead of worrying about what might have been. They’ve updated GT7 frequently since March and it continues to improve. I haven’t played anything else since it’s launch - it’s a good game.

  40. I mean I would if it had much to offer, but it's a huge fail in my books... and many people's books. I can't even play a race with my wife or son.

  41. It would take them 20 years to upscale the textures on over 400+ cars . Ill pass. I just hope they get GT7 in high gear with content and continue to sell copies to being on more people to work. As well as fix the esports side so the racers actually get paid and allow sponsors to bring more light onto the leauge.

  42. That's true. And that's how GT games used to be. GT2 built on GT1. GT4 built on GT3. GT6 built on GT5. Maybe GT8 will build on GT7.

  43. Given the drip-feed nature of GT7, I could only make a true judgement call after all the content is on the table. If there was a remake of GT4, it would be from the same people who are making GT7... which means the same decisions. GT4 is still totally playable, and if you prefer it, go nuts!

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