This guy punts two cars, wins third place, no penalties.

  1. I got shunted off the track - went from 3-10th and got a penalty for out of the racing line. The driver who pushed me got nothing

  2. And still if he would get like 3 second penalty its nothing. You can't even pass him in that penalty and your race is ruined instantly.

  3. I don’t understand. Even with their new lax penalties people would still get penalized if they knocked someone off the course. Now it seems like anything goes.

  4. I said it back a week after they changed the penalty system and I will say it again: the penalty system was better at the start of this game when almost all contact was a penalty than it is now.. Literally it's wild wild west. Honestly, I almost never had penalties in the old system because I would leave room and try and race clean. I would get one one race out of ten because, well, because I am a B/S diver and eventually I mess up and miss time a break or something. I know we saw some examples of the wrong guys getting a penalty, but it was way better than this BS where ANYTHING goes. Change my mind.

  5. They act like dirty racers bc they cannot even take one correct line. Jeez, not one he did right. Call me snowflake but when I see a dirty player I report him. This people is ruining the game. I wonder how worth was the sportsmanship vid before enter in sport mode.

  6. Do you just report them through Playstation? I wish they had a report system or suspensions for too many penalties or fucking something in this game. I got punted twice by the same guy the other night and this dick head got no penalties. He did take a 3 second penalty after he absolutely destroyed me in a turn when he dive-bombed directly into the side of me. What a joke.

  7. Is it just me or is GT7 just vastly inferior to GT sport online? The penalty system is broken. The race options aren’t great and the visual aesthetic of the menus, etc leaves a lot to be desired.

  8. They do it because they’re not penalized and it improves their results. From a certain perspective, what’s legal is what you can get away with. I don’t think that’s the right way to look at things but a lot of people do.

  9. As long as there is no reliable reporting system with proper punishments they will keep doing this because they can (But PD or Sony wont do it cuz that would probably mean less people playing)

  10. The “improved” lack of penalties is very frustrating. Last week I was divebombed and pushed off so many times at paddock hill and druids at Brands Hatch

  11. The penalty system is messed up in GT7. Even having an S sportsmanship rank doesn’t matter at all. Hopefully they’ll patch it and add the ability to report and ban players. The latter is unlikely.

  12. To be fair, first one isn't his fault. You can see the other person move under braking and he doesn't turn left. Second is blatant as shit.

  13. Actually came here to say this. Unsure what he did wrong really in the first, it was just like the yellow car wasn't aware he was there.

  14. Sport is stupid. No tuning. Nothing. Just dumb cars with shitty stock tunes. Time trials against the world are fun. But sport is not where tuners and the true fastest mfs be at.

  15. This track is picky as hell about penalties for flagrant punters. Meanwhile a punter brake checks me in a turn, causing me to punt them through a turn and I get a 2 second penalty.

  16. This is why I did all the required sport mode races for the trophy and stopped with sport mode altogether afterwards.

  17. That's why I'm sticking with GT Sport in lobbies. Most of the players who stayed are clean and the racing is now a lot of fun.

  18. The penalty system in this game is absolutely positively HORRID. I love this game, but the sportsmanship/penalty system has GOT TO IMPROVE! NOW!

  19. 1st one looks somewhat accidental, second incident is awful though, you can see him deliberately steer into the tail of the car in front.

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