Tracks I want in gt7

  1. GT4 was brimming. I keep saying to people that GT4 was the peak of Gran Turismo even with rose tinted glasses off.

  2. You had me at Infineon(now Sonoma). Growing up playing NASCAR games with my brother, Sonoma was MY track. I still know my braking points for each turn and all that jazz. I'd LOVE to see it. And maybe Watkins Glen or COTA.

  3. Personally, I'd move more scenic tracks; Camino Viejo and Fujimi Kaido from Forza 4 are a couple of my favourite tracks ever.

  4. All I needed from gts was tracks. I’m content racing the same gr3/4/2/1 cars around more but I stopped playing gtsport because I was tired of the same tracks. I want Autumn ring, midfield, Tahiti road, red rock valley. Etc.

  5. Before we load up Japan and the US with tracks, I know of at least 4 in Canada that should be in the game that are actually real.

  6. I'd love Gilles Villeneuve but is it in any game apart from F1? To be fair, not much racing happens there in real life besides F1.

  7. Special stage route 11 would be awesome on GT7, imagine all the snazzy lighting effects they could show off. I really hope they bring back the classic grand valley speedway track - I half expected it to be included along with Trial Mountain and Deep Forest

  8. I would love a streets of Fairbanks race, where a lap takes the Johansen expressway/geist to the Denali Parks highway ramp, follows it to the cushman exit, and then takes the on ranp to the Steese expressway all the way back to the Johansen. I would want this because 1). A real snow course. 2). Based on the rally physics, this would be absolutely memeworthy, especially with the irregularly placed patches of unremovable ice, random drifts of snow, and rare patches of dry pavement, all on roads with more heaves and elevation changes than Nurburgring 3. This would actually be about the length of the madrid circuit in 6, so it wouldnt be too monotonous. 4. For extra shitpost, have the train randomly show up 1 out of every 13 laps, absolutely fucking your race.

  9. Pretty much my wishlist! Let’s hope Polyphony is listening… ah and speaking of listening: Might be a cool thing to choose what songs to play at the menus of GT7. And please, don’t let them change every few seconds just because you switch to another (sub)menu!

  10. As many as we can get is always good. I honestly would like to see some sprint races (A to B) brought to GT, between this and half assed dirt courses, I'd much more enjoy the former.

  11. A remastered Amalfi for GT7 would be beautiful. Seattle, Tokyo and Sonoma would make me happy too. How about Midfield Raceway??

  12. The more I play this game the more I see it as an extension of GT Sport, I’m really not loving it like I have the other instalments! Some of these tracks are classic, I’d love to see them, but we’d probably have to pay for them!

  13. personally more of a fan of Tokyo R246 in the previous games than the iteration we got in GT7 but to each their own.

  14. I think that they are 2 completely different tracks, the old one was for every car and it was just racing, this one you need to be much more precise and you cannot overtake as usual

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