What’s everyone’s plan when the zombie apocalypse hits GR?

  1. Close the door and wait for the motherf*ckers to freeze. Unless they come during the summertime then bulldoze in any direction and bloop right into a lake.

  2. I would hope the city would construct a corral of concrete and funnel the horde right into that giant ass shredder at the Turner Street Padnos. I’ve seen that thing grind up 2 cars stacked on top of each other in 4 seconds.

  3. Rip out to Beaver Island, raiding summer houses along the coast for supplies and build my Great Lakes pirate empire.

  4. I see you’re planning to recreate the kingdom of beaver island, hope it works out better for you than the last monarch.

  5. Our climate poses a benefit and a problem. The zombies freeze in the winter, but they reanimate In the spring. Makes it really hard to farm enough to feed yourself through the winter.

  6. We’ll gather and build a makeshift fortress at the top of Heritage Hill. While the zombies are distracted devouring the anti abortion protestors halfway up the hill, we’ll unleash a barrage of soggy ass Yesterdogs which will repel even the undead.

  7. What kind of zombie apocalypse? I'm a zombie head, if we're talking shamblers you've got time to grab supplies and then find some where to hunker down for the next few days. If they're runners and you didn't go shopping that week you're basically screwed. Now if we're just going off the wall like left 4 dead or dying light.... You Just die

  8. I hope they aren’t runners. I think I can deal with the slow ones, but if it’s anything cardio related I’m screwed. I can’t cart my two kids around anymore…they have aged up to far.

  9. Cabellas is my plan. Go up onto the upper level where the offices are. Get as much firepower, ammo, food and camping supplies as possible and barricade yourself up there.

  10. "to anyone who can hear this: proceed to spectrum hospital for evacuation! i repeat: proceed to spectrum hospital for evacuation!"

  11. Keep my distance and shake my head in disbelief while I watch people yell, "It's a hoax!" and walk directly into the zombie horde.

  12. Loot a bunch of RC cars and batteries. Draw out any zombies or humans with RC cars before going into any area.

  13. North to the woods. Bug out gear, guns ans bow and arrows. Cottage on a lake. With the ability to fortify the area surrounding the property..

  14. Don't have to worry about the Russians they won't be the zombies since they'll be missing entire generations soon.

  15. Head up north to my cabin in the woods, shoot anyone that gets in the way. Bring as much dry goods as I can, forever fire starters, ammo, compound bow, fishing rods. We have a manual water pump there. At one point I had all of this sitting in the back of my truck, but it is still within my vicinity. Hunt, fish, play cards with my family.

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