My future catalyst for a certain Greek Love Goddess

  1. If anyone deserve to have her is you, just saw all the commission posts you have and i respect your dedication. Hopefully when she gets implemented you get her with no trouble whatsoever

  2. I can't believe that they didn't add an event featuring the Olympus god (from phh or LB) with her, Demeter and maybe Zeus in 2020, when FGO faced the worst content drought of its history.

  3. Honestly, I respect and appriciate you for blessing us with this many commissions of this ship. If I would hope for someone to get her to NP5 in a single 10 pull when/if she gets released, it would be you!

  4. I would tell you not to get your hopes up because you will most likely end up disappointed but... FUCK IT! ME HERE WAITING FOR DEMETER TO BE RELEASED TOO!

  5. If I ever see Aphrodite I immediately look for the name and always expect to see AlterMagna. I'm never disappointed. Keep up the Aphrodite grindset

  6. If I had a nickel for every time Kronii was mentioned in a post related to Aphrodite, I’d have enough quartz to summon the warden of time herself

  7. So, how exactly did this ship come about? Hasn't she only appeared once outside of LB5 and, during that time, she spent the majority of that event disguised as Nero Bride?

  8. Tbh I wouldnt mind if she becomes summonable, and she may get a chance if the next event is a saber wars focused on the Trojan War. Hopefully you will get your wish come true

  9. I never got this. Like Aphrodite to me was always a side character in a heavily character loaded LB. But the amount of love she got was insane.

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