[WISH LIST] Master's Katana + Throw ability of Demon Cutter

  1. Side note, if you like Intimidating Counter that much, try it on the Surugami sword (spelling?). Since you get free counter attacks for a perfect parry, IC has a chance to proc 3 times back to back. It’s pretty awesome when it happens. Plus poison could proc on the shockwave (at least last time I played), so it’s pretty cool on an assassin. Not really viable but fun to see happen on small enemies

  2. absolutely, Wrath of Sarugami kata is sick with Intimidating Counter. I have one built with IC and Burning Blade + 20% Counter DMG on both the kata and charm it's like a little Hachiman's Fury on any class.

  3. I like this idea somewhat. Either delete demon cutter or buff it, its rubbish. Master’s katana imo is fine where it is and doesn’t need changing:

  4. oh no, not get rid of Demon Cutter at all, but allow the addition of an ability like DC's throw to Master's Katana (or whatever Legendary possibly).

  5. But that's the point of demon cutter, just unlock stone and water stance as your perks to give you more variation.

  6. no, unfortunatley that misses my original point of leaving the two perks open for IC and BB while having all four stances.

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