Higher ki level in Legends?

  1. You can reforge gear that’s 105 to get 110s. And then you can bind 110s to a class to get mastery challenges, and doing mastery challenges on your gear will increase that gears Ki by 2 each time, up to 120. Once at 120, you can use a purified item (cursed item you completed the purify challenge for) to get a second perk on that piece of gear, which is the benefit to raising it.

  2. the best way to grind gear for where you are at would be gold story missions. level 1 takes around 8 to 10 minutes to complete and gets you 5 items. survival takes around a half an hour or more and gets you around 7 items. if you want to get 110 level items you can either reroll your current equipment to get it to 110, or try doing nightmare story. of course nm survival is an option, but its not an efficient way to get them. especially due to having a lower level for the NM runs.

  3. Nightmare story is easy the leaderboard people just ruined thsf mode anyways since they basically solo it while you trulyna catch up with them

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