Ronin build, want tips.

  1. Nice build, and quite good stats! I’d switch SEDmg to Fire Damage on the charm, and would probably hesitate about adding SEDur to 1 or both of these ghost weapons instead of CRoK :)

  2. Its good now if you get fire maxed on the caltrop, munitions could be better tho depending on your bomb throwing. Personally I'd go munitions. SK will get it back quickly.

  3. What is deep bags? I’ve never seen that before… I’m guessing it just drops a lot more spikes, across a bigger area.

  4. The ronin doesn't do enough damage as a fire and aoe. So the ghost weapon is good but everything else you might as well do group heal. I tried maxing out the fire but it ended up being a waste cause the hunter can take everyone down to nothing with her fire compared to ronin.

  5. Well i mean that's pretty much what all players use for a serious build which I wouldn't be the best person to give advice on

  6. You have all the stats/perks that work well on your Katana, personally I’m looking at switching from Melee damage to perfect parry window to help with survivability. As much as it would kill me to do, I would re-roll the Katana until one of those two stats is near perfect (use the 1 re-roll selection to get the other that you want and max it out). As it stands now it’ll take a lot purifications to max out either.

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