What is your Top 3 most hated enemies in Legends and why? Here’s mine

  1. Darth Maul Mongol is the worst. The way he moves defies all logic and can somehow hit you from 20 yards away no matter how fast you roll with that double sided Su Yari of death. And Tengu Crows can suck it.

  2. Tengu are annoying but not nearly as much as those Darth Mal brutes. Tengu have very little health can easily be stunned to stop their crow crap then MMC to death. Darth Mal fuckers are just a major pain in the ass.

  3. Running around the tengus does work except when you’re getting overwhelmed by hordes of other onis at the same time.

  4. Poison archers - it is such a cheap mechanic to lose control over your character like that if there aren't heals available

  5. Poison archers/toxic clouds is probably my most hated enemy perk. I tried doing Nightmare Story, but this weeks modifier is toxic clouds. Things can go amazing, avoiding the clouds and running through enemies, then one cloud hits you, you start puking and you're done for.

  6. Oni Archer - from a samurai perspective; cannot stand these guys. They lay down constant fire and it makes clearing the area take THAT much longer. High fire rate, moves around a lot, spreads fire, high defense. Super annoying.

  7. The Iki island brutes wearing 200+ pounds of weapons that can move like lightning and change directions while in mid-air are pretty cheap and annoying and generally unsatisfying to fight since they seem to be able to defy any and all laws of physics.

  8. A tip to kill this guys easily on melee. Use moon stance spin attacks. The spins stagger them and break their usual hyperarmor. If you use moon master, a full 3 spin combo normaly break their posture. Normal moon kicks work the 2 first. After kicking then 3 times they will dodge you amd push you.

  9. Surprised none has mentioned the ronin/samurai ghosts. They only appear on story mode and raid, but the amound of people i have seen getting wrecked by this guys is staggering, and no without reason. You can always cheese them with range attacks, but engaging on melee requieres reflex and skill. They can not be cheesed with spam attacks, like water stance, as they will dodge and deflect you. They have a killimg combo that if you get caugh on it you are toast. If you want to test your raw melee skill, nothimg better than play Kami ridge solo on trials.

  10. Yep, this is it. Once I cracked the code I started looking for bears to 1v1. I'm the bear assassin in my group. I've literally never been thrown by a bear since I figured out this pattern.

  11. Tengu- They’re annoying in this game and they’re annoying in Nioh. No wonder they’re considered tricksters.

  12. 3) Archer oni: fucking annoying because they are tanky and have hyper armor and can still shoot through your attacks also super annoying in survival and can also set you on fire. 2) ronin: they are fast asf and hit hard as shit. Also even worse if they are spirits as they will stab you from no where and destroy you

  13. Considering you’re not surrounded by other enemies that are ready to attack you. I’d suggest you attack them with heavy attacks for a few seconds and get ready for their counterattack (blue glint).

  14. Half the reasons I use wind stance for is them, I just charge straight at them and throw two heavy attacks, and they're staggered long enough to deal enough damage for them to die before launching crows again. Also you could probably headshot them with a good bow, but I quite like wind stance all around.

  15. Tengu for the crow barrages Darth Maul for being a bitch and a half to fight Bears because if you can't see one, that means it's right behind you, and because they can toss you from defense zones and cause you to potentially lose them.

  16. I used to hate Tangu the most, but ever since those purple twinbladed fuckers were added I have hated them more. They are straight up bullshit. They can kill in 3 hits flat, they have godlike tracking and can basically close short distances with their attacks, and the worst part about them: unparryable attacks. Not just attacks that you need to parry, just straight up attacks that HAVE TO BE PERFECT DODGED. Now this wouldn't be so bad if dodges were easier, but the timing is so small that it is not even worth it.

  17. 1 - Purple Archer Oni. They will ruin everything with their teleporting even while mid attack, purple fire, machine gun fire arrows. I prioritize these now.

  18. 1.tengu 2.BEARS 3. Big guy with shield. I don't know why but that enemy has reads on me.its just so insulting getting smacked around by it.

  19. Shield brutes are not that hard if you’re using water stance but then again I understand the feeling when you got smacked around by two shield brutes like a ping pong lmao

  20. I think the SMACK sound from the shield brutes is hilarious. It's both funny and frustrating to get a good ol big boi shield bash.

  21. Shield brute attack pattern - swing shield, slow sword slash, quick sword slash. Counter - side step into him, this puts you at his back for easy damage.

  22. As long as I kill the tengu first, they aren’t that bad, but i hate the white hair oni with spears that teleport. and bears. f*** bears

  23. Honestly, the enemies are the least of my problems, my one and only problem is dying during a kill animation. Infuriating. 150% of my deaths are because my character is locked in the kill animation.

  24. Is there any way to actually fight the big guys with the windmill blades. I can only hit them with ranged weapons, or smoke/dirt. But they don't seem to be able to be parried and they never seem to stop attacking.

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