If you need a girlfriend to cook, play naked Twister with & creampie every night, lmk. I’m available ;)

  1. So you’re telling me you can cook, play games and are flexible. All I need to know is how do you like your coffee?

  2. Just say “I like fried eggs” seven times in the mirror and then flicker the lights three times and one will appear!

  3. Hay guess what I was just saying I need a girl to cook and play nude twister the other day and now you want to be my girlfriend what are the odds in that XOXO XOXO XOXO 😘 XOXO XOXO

  4. U r gorgeous, have magnificent boobs, an awesome body and a truly sweet tight looking pussy that I would love to lick and suck on til u cum so it will be nice and moist, then I would let u slide down on my rock-hard cock and ride til u reach ur orgasm and I fill u up til the jizz runs back out, interested?

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