I went to a gorillaz concert and now I don’t know what to do

  1. You had too much fun and just used up a bunch of endorphins and serotonin at the show. Listen to some music and you should be topped back up with happy soon enough. “Remember That it’s all in your head”. ❤️

  2. I often have the same depression after parties or social events. Never really thought about it in terms of serotonin and endorphins. Thanks for that great perspective!

  3. OP had such a life changing experience (presumably without SSRIs) that they simulated doing ecstasy and is now in the down phase. Epic.

  4. That's post-concert depression right there. I've been a fan since 2005 and saw them for the first time in Vancouver this tour. Couldn't tell you the last time I was that excited for something, and I definitely had that feeling of 'well now what can I look forward to?'. The sadness will pass eventually and your memories will be incredibly fond. We still have an entire album to look forward to as well, one I'd imagine we'll see another tour run for. It's not once in a lifetime, it's just a matter of time until you get to go again :)

  5. Sounds like you made a lifelong memory with your dad. Don’t be sad it’s over, be glad y’all got to share it. Think back on it anytime you’re down. Cherish it.

  6. That’s the nature of dreams. Once you achieve them, it’s over. And what follows after that is a period of sadness and depression. It’s normal and it’ll pass.

  7. For me it makes me look forward to seeing them again someday. But it also makes me appreciative for being able to have that experience and makes me want to seek out other great experiences in the meantime.

  8. I 2nd this. Make a playlist from the night you saw. Check out some live show playlists to relive things. Welcome to the wonderful roller coaster! I’d say start figuring out a plan to save money up for a trip to Europe. Plan on a month or two. Buy a Eurail pass, go in the summer and hit some great music festivals (Roskilde in Denmark is the best imo but there are hundreds all over). You’ll maybe discover you next favorite band on a side stage. And even better if you time it when Gorillaz are headlining!

  9. I’m an old man now and I deal with the same thing. The best thing you can do is go start a band. If you can’t play any instruments, go buy a guitar and get some friends together and start a punk band.

  10. Just wait until next tour!! Saw them for the first time in Seattle after listening to them for 20 years. Best live performance I have ever seen! Just chin up listen to more Gorillaz and enjoy life

  11. I don’t feel I need to join a fan club for either the Gorillaz or Seattle. They’re both great but I’m not a fan club type nor am I super social.

  12. There's a ton of music out there some like Gorillaz some other type of genre listen around thetes is hundreds of opportunities don't limit to just one

  13. Felt similarly when I saw them on the plastic beach tour. I’ve seen them 4 times since and it’s awesome every time. It’ll never be like the first time but it’s always the best times.

  14. Chicago was my first concert too, after being a fan for 21 years (saw the music videos on Toonami). Thank you for sharing, because I was feeling some of the same stuff. But I can honestly say that I wish I hadn't waited so long, so good on you for making it happen!

  15. That's how the concert experience is, mate. I've been a huge gorillaz fan for at least 15 years, and have never been able to see them live. I get to on Thursday, so I know how the let down after will be.

  16. I’ve been a fan since very late 2017 and I feel this. I have never liked a band that much for so long. Then I went to Berlin this year and afterwards I cried so hard. I missed them so much I went to see them again in London about one and a half months later. It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna pass and you’ll see them again one day. Keep that moment close to you, I promise it’ll make you happy looking back

  17. Congratulations on a true, blue transcendental experience! Life will be filled with many, many of them. You now know what type of pure joy that drives you, a deep truth of your existence is now a reality you understand from experience! not just words.

  18. I wanna add on top of the other comments that this is very normal!! Idk the official word for it, but me and my friends call it post-hangout or post-fun blues. Like the top comment said it was just too much fun and you feel like you'll never fun again. But the feeling will pass, I promise! Just do your best to take care of yourself until then, make other fun plans, etc.

  19. I've felt the same way tbh. I've been a fan since the original album came out. I was about eight years old. Now 29. My first show was also the other day at the united center.

  20. It will happen again, pal. I thought the same in like 2010 or so when they last toured here in Canada. I got to see them again, and with my fiance no less! Don't be down, be excited for the next time.

  21. same here lol saw them last night. that's dope, my dad took me to see incubus when i was 15 and it changed my life. i'm 26 now and the gorillaz live also changed my life. you've got more cool experiences coming up my friend! just keep jamming to their music, look forward to the new album, and just enjoy the little things in life. the show was like a spiritual moment for me to reconnect with myself, nature, and life... and it may not be once in a lifetime! we'll see them again someday :)

  22. Next time, bring some friends! You’ll be talking about it for months on end after the concert.

  23. I had the EXACTLY the same feelings after their show in Finland! You’ll get back up, I’m sure of it!❤️ And It’ll be one of your best memories!! 💕 I know this isn’t very helpful, but I couldn’t not say anything when I had the same experience, and know how awful it felt. Honestly, if someone had said this to me a week after the show I propably would’ve just been annoyed :( I just wanted to tell you that although it does suck insanely hard (and I don’t think you’re being dramatic), you’ll feel better eventually, and I’m sure you’ll get to see them again!! But in the meantime, I’m sending you all the love!💕(I would pick a better expression but I seriously don’t know any) 🦍🦍💕

  24. I have read that this is a thing. Post-gig blues are real. It'll ease up in a while, but hey, you still have so much great music to listen to! Check YouTube for vids taken by others at live shows, it really helps.

  25. i went to their show in utah a couple weeks ago and it was absolutely amazing but it’s like the only thing i had to look forward to and now it’s over so i definitely understand how you feel. i’m just looking forward to their next album and no matter how long i just can’t wait to see them again!!

  26. Very relatable. Went through a similar chain of emotions when I saw them recently. I had been looking forward to it for so long that it was sad that it finally came and went. Like a good book you didn’t want to end.

  27. I understand it feels like everything you've been waiting for has now ended. Let me tell you my Gorillaz experience. I got into them in 2006-2007 in Demon Days era, I didn't get to see them live until 2017, in Chicago. I spent 10 years waiting to see them, hoping they'd tour again after phase 3 seemed to send them into a slump. And then when I saw them it was incredible and I had just come from Summerfest the few days before so I saw 4 concerts in 5 days and none stood out more than Gorillaz. And then I was sad it was over, I had spent a decade!! waiting to see them. I cried repeatedly during the show in joy and then felt similar, what now? Well, they came back to Chicago the next year and I saw them again. And now I'm getting ready to see them in Orlando in 2 weeks. Damon is all about attention (and I love him for it), you WILL get to see them again. It might not be for a few years, but just start counting down to your next chance!

  28. 36 year old fan here. Bought their 1st album my sophomore year in High School and Noone liked the music apart from Clint Eastwood. I just now saw them live after 20 years, a fan. Know this, you have a long life, Lord willing and you will see them MULTIPLE times in that life. You are seeing a modern day "Beatles" imo. Their catalogue will be absolutely insane in another 20 years. Don't feel down, have a positive outlook on what you experienced bc that's kinda the entire point of the show. I danced and danced and danced until my legs fell off. I'm still sore today. Enjoy life bc that was merely one experience and you have many more to come fam! Welcome to Plastic Beach!!

  29. Honestly, go to more concerts but look for affordable and nearby ones so you're not breaking the bank. If you enjoyed the concert experience I'd say support more bands by attending more of them.

  30. I saw them in Chicago with my bio father, and it seems like you enjoyed it so much with your dad. I’m happy for you. If I could pick anyone to go with me, it’d have been people who actually enjoy Gorillaz and won’t say shit every second Damon or someone else on the stage moves the “wrong way”. Glad you enjoyed it though!!

  31. I feel you man. I am in a similar stage just a little older and it was in Phoenix. Listening to Skinny Ape felt like it was just for me, jumping around and being excited over Gorillaz and all that jazz. I had to bust my ass just to get the tickets, let alone to get any merch, etc. it was the time of my life. You’re not alone, but it does go back up. There’s a lot of once in a lifetime experiences waiting for you my friend.

  32. Ahhh I’m so happy for you My first concert was during their plastic beach tour! I was in seventh grade and BEGGED my dad to go. It was one of those moments you won’t forget. I just went again in Austin and it still feels as special ( if not more) . It isn’t over :) look forward to the upcoming album! Draw some characters listen, to their older stuff. ( I literally forgot about m1a1 until it started playing as the first song! I’m out of college now and I’ll never ever ever forget the first time I saw the gorillaz.

  33. Dude I wait since I wa a 7 year old fan, now I’m 29 years and I saw Gorillaz for the 1st time when I was 24, don’t feel bad you’ll see the again in a few years

  34. At least you saw them. They never made a concert in my country, the closest would be 2 countries away (in Colombia).

  35. Mate you'll see plenty of great shows in your life. The "down" feeling is your body balancing you out after the dump of good feelings you just had. You'll feel fine in no time. Shows where I've had the exact same thing after: Daft Punk, Rammstein, Chemical Bros, Basement Jaxx. I remember all super fondly.

  36. LOL! first world problems! really! get over it.. move ON and collect the good memories in your mind and heart.. seriously...

  37. Yeah, why don’t everyone sad just get over it! How helpful! Maybe don’t comment the next time that’s your advice.

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