I swear, if a black dude named Tiffany shows up...

  1. Ya see?! Some of them even have faaaaa... Gary... Scuse me! I have to go say "hi" to an old friend. Won't be a minute.

  2. When this was posted in the SAO subreddit we had a whole thread of people taking turns reciting Episode 2 of SAO Abridged 🤣

  3. W8, they actually like the abridged in the SAO subreddit? I thought they hated it because of how everyone was saying that it is better than the original (granted, it is the truth, but people often don't like the truth)

  4. Hey I know that place, it's La Cittadella in Kawasaki, it's a bunch of shops and a cinema made to look like a set of buildings in Italy. It's pretty cool in all fairness.


  6. It's a abridged show used by people that have never actually watched sword art online to try to make fun of sword art online.

  7. Grippin his entrails like the reigns of Santa's slay, Streaking through the fresh morning snow on a trail of bile and gore, While his eyes beg the same question as the horrified children in his wake, WHY?

  8. Basically there's a character in Sword Art Online named Agil who the Abridged Series calls "Tiffany". The reason why the Chika is panicking is because SAO is a death game and the scene when he debuts is the first scene of the second episode, where we get our first boss battle in which lots of people die, so haha funny we all gonna die.

  9. Im glad that you used “Tiffany” instead of “Agil” because SAO Abridged is just leagues better than the actual anime. Its a shame SAO sucked as much as it did, because I feel as if we all wanted to like it.

  10. Good to see I'm not the only one who rewatches this masterpiece regularly. Easily the best abridged ever made.

  11. I'll probably get downvoted to heck but... SAO Abridged is funny and all, but I feel like it lacks the passion for the original series that Dragonball Z Abridged and Yugioh Abridged had. And that really brings it down in my eyes, especially if what people have said is true and the makers of SAOA don't like SAO and made SAOA out of spite. Regardless of how well you feel the original was written (and you can't honestly tell me SAO is worse than the 4kids version of Yugioh), there's a clear and notable difference when making fun of something you love vs something you don't.

  12. They’ve gone on several times to say SAOa is made from a place of love, not hate. That being said, I’m not watching SAOa because it fixed the plot in anyway. I’m watching it because it’s funny as hell, and is what it set out to be. An Abridged version of SAO.

  13. SAO abridged absolutely fell off. People don't want to hear it but you're right. I mean look at Leafa she's just another Asuna type psycho but unlike Asuna she's not a parody of her original character she's just a completely different person. It feels like she's only like that so they can use the same copy paste Kirito-Asuna type banter.

  14. Seasons 2 and 3, as well as the movie, were amazing and the arc that's coming up for S4 is apparently considered the best arc.

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