Poll: How would you rate GOG Galaxy 2.0?

  1. I really like it. I'm using it on daily basis, but after some of the recent updates Steam integration became more unstable than ever (for me). It keeps crashing randomly for no apparent reason.

  2. I have been investigating the issues GoG Galaxy 2`s users have. Steam is by far the most complicated, it can`t use a token because of the request limit, so it uses a cookie; it messes with steam guard; etc.

  3. Not the most intuitive client I've used: navigating through my library is like rummaging through a web browser's bookmark folder.

  4. To be fair, it basically is a webbrowser. I don't know which technology they are using, but it seems to be web-based

  5. Once everything is stable. It's pretty amazing. Having whole libraries and emulators is pretty sweet even if the interface leaves a lot to be desired.

  6. Right. I put all my credentials in and connected with a number of other services (steam, epic, etc...). Now it seems like most of them are no longer connected? Not sure why, but I'm not going to spend time trying to sync them over and over again.

  7. 100% this. I use it daily, but everytime I'm logged in it seems another of my intergrations has stopped working.

  8. Same. It's like my TV when HBO or Showtime gets logged out and I have to go through the stupid process getting them back on every few weeks, except with GOG its every other time I log on.

  9. I like it and think that it's a good concept, but there are two standout problems for me: it's a pseudo-app, and it still requires other launchers to be installed. The second point, I get it, there's not a lot that can be done when other companies are not open to the idea of an all-in-one launcher. Regrettable, but understandable. The first point, however, is where you lose me. Psuedo-apps (web-apps in desktop wrappers, typically barebones web engines with frameworks; something like Electron) have seen a disturbing surge in popularity without anyone seeing just how terrible it is. Not only do these all typically run off of Chromium, but before you know it, every single "application" that you run is just another dedicated browser, soaking up more memory and power while becoming increasingly inefficient. The benefit to such an approach is that it allows web developers (or even just designers) to create a dedicated application, while also allowing the community to make addons or 'integrations' to an easier degree. However, in the wake of Discord, I'm extremely hesitant to use a proposed all-in-one solution to anything that requires a dedicated browser with potential system hooks and advanced permissions.

  10. check GameHub, it works on Linux and you won't need any galaxy app, it has more useful features than galaxy and reasonably light on resources.

  11. ...and fewer system resources, and faster client, and ability to leave it open and just stay connected for days without having to restart the client, and the ability to sort by purchase date, and easier to find patch notes and missing DLC and...

  12. Is that even an option? Galaxy upgraded me to 2.0 without giving me an option to stay on the old version. I removed it and reinstalled the old version but it forced the upgrade on me again. I had made the conscious decision not to use Galaxy 2.0 until it was out of beta, yet ended up having no choice.

  13. There are some really useless categories used to search through games. Honestly, who organises their games by publisher? Or release date? Or even metacritic score? What a waste of time.

  14. They had a stable client and forced everyone into a beta that wasn’t remotely ready, it’s not hard at all to be harsh when it should never have become forced.

  15. You don't likely have a library worth mention then. Galaxy 2 falls flat on its face with any Steam library of significance. If you only have a couple hundred games, sure, it probably works fine. When you have over 2000 games its a complete trainwreck.99% of the time you spend using GOG will be fixing icons, fixing Steam integration, and trying to get things to work.

  16. I wish there was a way to quickly access any game's store page, reviews, discussion forums, your own screenshots etc. from the library. Or maybe there is, just haven't figured out the quirks yet. Because I don't have any friends, the overview tab looks very empty compared to how it looks like on Steam.

  17. I think the UI could use some work. For instance, if I click on my Recent games, it only shows 3 of my games then to the right of that it shows 4 Recently Played by Others. I would rather show my recent games only but there is no way to removed played by others. I end up using the Installed Games and sorted by most recently played instead of using Recent.

  18. I love the concept, but all my friends are on Steam so I find myself using Steam 90% of the time due to its various social features. I ended up only using Galaxy to launch games that aren't on Steam.

  19. It’s decent but the integrations could use some work. They constantly disconnect or sometimes won’t connect at all. And it’s different every time I log in. Also, why can’t it detect games from the Xbox360 or PS3 era?

  20. Steam + Chat integration would be crucial for me to work flawlessly. Otherwise it's not really useful to me

  21. Can't even use it. It always gives me some error even after a fresh install of Windows (with msvs and other dependencies installed). I've tried everything suggested in forum posts with the same problem but to no avail. :(

  22. I'm mainly on Linux, would love to try it more but I'm not looking to come back to windows. I still use it a bit on the only W10 I have left: the main improvement for me would be on 3rd party connectors, they are a bit flaky at times.

  23. I love GOG 2.0, but sadly I can't use it anymore as I switched to Linux 3 months ago, Galaxy client sadly doesn't support Linux

  24. I have it installed, but have spent a grand total of zero minutes figuring out how it works. Supposedly it integrates something something features something—I don’t care. I just need to access my games with the least hassle possible. If it had a wizard or a tutorial or something to walk me through features/setup, I might try that.

  25. I don't really use it directly but the only thing I can think of that annoys me greatly is how it opens after I use a game short-cut. Let me just play my game. I almost always have the browser or music player with background focus and alt-tab around to check or change what ever. Give us the option to just run the game and leave Galaxy silently on the tray.

  26. I'm missing an option of "One thing I value about GOG is not having to use a launcher. I neither hate nor love it, I simply don't use it."

  27. To me it's just ok. Being mainly a GOG user and then a steam one, I don't truly feel compelled with the "all games in one place" feature, as if I play my gog games I just launch them (either directly or through galaxy) while for the steam ones I just launch them directly throgh steam, even more so considering that i browse steam forums on daily basis.

  28. The only way at the moment is by visiting a game's store page and clicking Forum discussion. That will allow you to access other sections of the forum as well.

  29. There definitely need to be some sort of "I would love to try it out, but can't due to system incompatibility" option.

  30. So far, I really like GOG Galaxy 2.0, though it could use a few more additions and improvements, most notably bug fixes, controller support, and the return of user feeds that are similar to the previous versions of the client. Other than that, everything is fine in my book.

  31. I want the ability to access a game's page when that game is in my cart. Instead I have to go to the search bar and find it again.

  32. Nah, 1st one was lighter, faster, library was less confusing. Store is still barely usable, it's faster to use site itself to search for anything. And daamn @ amount of different connections it does now. Will use it, but only cuz i have to (updates, installers).

  33. For me and many others having a large Steam library a functioning Steam integration would be an important feature of Galaxy 2.0.

  34. I think it's great but I rarely use it. The fact that every time I sign on 4/10 integrations get signed off and I have to re sign them back on every time is too much of a hassle for me to bother with the product.

  35. It's a solid platform that has lots of potential, and I do like using it when I play my GOG games. Some suggestions I have though:

  36. the most basic functions (downlading, installing, sorting games) are broken or missing. with the last "hotfix" new errors (games missing entirely, ...) have been introduced. feedback on the forums since launch but especially in the past weeks has been devastating but ignored. even for a beta it's in a horrid state.

  37. What I'd like, even though it's kinda niche, is a feature that let me pin my games to start with the custom artwork I've applied

  38. A lot of comments here were downvoted for no good reason. What gives? People are just describing their experiences and opinions. They're not being toxic.

  39. I'd like if my steam friends info showed up in Galaxy. Not being able to see who is playing what is the only thing stopping me from issue GOG Galaxy 2.0 full time over Steam, Uplay, etc.

  40. It's great but I feel it needs to have more features and fixes. The library synchronization especially needs to be fixed. Also claiming DRM free versions of games that CDPR offers is kinda broken and I lost out on getting the witcher 3 for gog because of it.

  41. Honestly, I do really like it, but I also believe it could benefit with some more features such as controller support options and putting the search bar back on the main store page.

  42. I like the idea of GoG Galaxy 2.0. I already like it more than Playnite because of the community integrations and the more visually pleasing UI. But Jesus Christ, the fact that I can't easily manage my tags is just a deal-breaker for me.

  43. The absolute best thing to happen to pc gaming within the last year, use it every day and have every game I own in it as a master collection. I would love it if they implemented more emulators but it's understandable that only the community can work on that. As of recently a lot of the integrations have been faulty but they always reconnect except for the PlayStation integration. If this is addressed along with having chat between multiple platforms there will be no reason to use any other launcher.

  44. 7/10 currently. I wish it would show me games I've played with a little green dot or something. Other than that, it's just a client with lots of pictures.

  45. I like it a ton. The biggest hurdles I have are more about already existing functions. Sometimes achievements on the main game page do not update (it does under progress). One example would be on Dead Cells.I have seen it happen before on Battletech as well.

  46. If it had more advance filter/search queries (something like iTunes Smart Playlists, but for games) it would be perfect for me.

  47. The only feature I miss from moving from steam is a place where I can check the latest news from the games I own all in one window. Give me that and GOG becomes superior to steam in every aspect.

  48. I would like to read messages sent to me from other clients. A friend on Xbox Live sent a message about a week ago and I got flak for not seeing it during our DnD night on Zoom (I don’t play Xbox but I have my live account connected).

  49. I like it. There still some things I'm kinda missing like a proper integration of friends that are not on GOG, Big Picture Mode, Controller Settings and configuration etc. but I love it even in it's current stage and vastly prefer it to the mess my game collection was before.

  50. I like it a lot. I wish there were more official integrations, and I do miss being able to access a game's forums directly from the client's overlay like I can with steam, but what I LOVE about it is that I can customize my library in a way that works FOR ME. I can read the font without getting a headache from it, I can choose a display setting without tiles, I don't get to deal with an annoying What's New shelf I can't get rid of, and I can set up the client so every time it opens I go back to the page I was on before I closed it the last time, just like I used to be able to do with Steam.

  51. I've recently installed GOG Galaxy 2.0 and I love it! I can catalog all my games in one place, no matter if I played them on GOG, Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox. It's so beautiful to see all of them together and very useful when you have a huge backlog like me!

  52. I love it, it solves problems I have with steam and it's beautiful. It can't replace steam for me unfortunately, I make use of the steam chat pretty often, overlay is more complete and I have many workshop subscriptions but I'd love to see galaxy climb and gog do well

  53. I love it, it has become my main platform. Only issue is that steam keeps disconnecting. On a couple of occasions I had reinstall because my steam games would just not show up. Haven't had an issue with the other platforms for months. I'm very happy with it otherwise.

  54. I only own games on gog so I don't really use anything else anyway, but it's been pretty good. All the games in one menu is all I need.

  55. It's my favorite launcher but I wish it could see all of my xbox games (ones i've never installed), have discord support (shows what games i'm playing on discord) and some sort of big picture mode. Some of the customization features from playnite would also be nice but not necessary.

  56. where is the option "I don't care enough to use it" or "I can't use it because it does not support my OS"? gog galaxy is useless for me, so there's only "I hate it" option? way to go, gog. so mature :)

  57. I really like it. Most of my games are on GOG anyway. It launches quickly, keeps my achievements updated and my modded games NOT updated.

  58. I really like it, although the store feels a bit laggy compared to when using google chrome I don't mind it.

  59. I like it. I find it a very useful way to launch games, and the one I mostly use (unless I want to play with a controller, where I use Steam Big Picture). The integrations can be slow to sync, but otherwise I like it.

  60. I use it daily for everything, I launch absolutely all of my games from it. It looks clean and modern, it has all the basic features (custom games, game time tracking, changing wallpapers etc), but the friends list is atrocious and, to put it mildly, useless.

  61. I really like it, the features, the UI, everything. A few of my friends installed it as a result of seeing it from me. My only big gripe is platforms that keep disconnecting..that's really annoying and prevents this from being the seamless experience that it would otherwise be.

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