Galaxy 2.0: Friends/Activity Not Working?

  1. Pretty sure that list is only for GOG friends. If you make the application full screen (and turn it on in the settings) you should get a friend's sidebar on the right that shows your friends from other platforms. It's not explained very well

  2. This!!!! I was so confused about them having this feature in the changelogs but it not appearing anywhere else. But it's annoying that we have to make it fullscreen and that it can't be made into a separate window. This also should have been made more clear in the changelogs.

  3. For some reason that particular box doesn't include the friends from all the other platforms. It confused me too.

  4. I have the exact same issue. The friends list has the option to "group by platform" but the only thing it shows is GOG friends, no other platforms (even though I linked everything). My GOG friends show up under a group called "GOG". It definitely looks like it is supposed to be used for every platform that supports syncing your friends, but it doesn't appear to work at all.

  5. The app is very stable on my end, only an occasional and easily solvable issue with integrations, but that's why it's a beta after all. I'm quite happy with it and it's looking better with each update.

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