Constant Disconnection of platforms from GOG 2.0

  1. It’s probably the client handling authentication token renewals poorly. These integrated services perform a handshake at login and then provide a token which usually needs to get renewed per API guidelines. It’s easy to mess this up but the good news is it’s also easy to fix :)

  2. Had similar issues in the early days of the CBT, but it improved since. GLX fails to determine which platforms were connected during the previews session, so doesn't start them again. This still happens once in a while, but more like once in a month, not once a weak.

  3. I have a similar issue with Steam disconnecting on startup, like once a day after many hours have passed. Though it didn't happen yesterday. Then I have Uplay that doesn't connect at all. The other plugins for Epic and Origin haven't given me any problems.

  4. Would not work, it uses a dumb browser to get you logged in and get a auth token. Everything else is tossed once it gets the token, it does not need it nor should it be stored for security reasons.

  5. I have found that, over the last 2 updates, its gotten (for me) much better, but its still definitely occurring. It had been disconnecting platforms numerous times a day, now maybe once a day or two.

  6. I've actually not had a single issue with any disconnections and I've been using the beta for a few weeks now. Kind of lucky as the initial import of my almost 5000 game library did take a while...

  7. That seems normal, and not a bug. Tokens expire and you need to log back in to get a new one. This is the platform security that you are logging into doing it and NOT Galaxy. That platform automatically expires the token and in turn logs you out in Galaxy. CDPR and plug-in creators can not fix this as they have zero control over this. They should be able to create a link to launch the correct launcher and launch the game (because you do need it to play a certain platforms game) and get around it so that you only need to auth to get the game list updated and use public info to update the rest.

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