Can people PLEASE slow down when on Patriot Circle.

  1. When I went there in the early 2000s we were complaining of the same thing; even had a few pedestrians get clipped with mirrors. No one did anything about it.

  2. Smfh patriot circle is almost notorious for speeding drivers because it’s a huge loop. Stay safe out there. It’s not you, it’s these drivers!!

  3. The black Mustang? Yeah. Last semester he was infamous in the Blue Ridge dorm area for basically burning out up that road after he picked up his friends around 9pm or so (usually once a day he'd do this). I wrote to the Blue Ridge group chat as I knew his friends loved there and told them to pass along that I think he's got a small weiner. The dude's friend told me "he told me to tell you to come and take his keys then."

  4. Someone finally said it, gmu drivers at patriot circle are idiots, im in my electric scooter just minding my own business when a car decides to cut me off right next to me. The police here are a joke honestly

  5. I’ve been hit by a car while biking before. Make sure to dismount at pedestrian crosswalks and walk across if you’re using the sidewalks to get around. Stay safe!!!

  6. I don't think speed bumps are the solution, especially for GMU where many use their bikes/scooters and those bumps would not be good for them. We just need more aggressive traffic law enforcement by GMU police.

  7. I say this all the time. Second day of classes this semester I was walking to the art and design building and literally watched someone on a scooter get hit by a car and split his head open. We all (pedestrians, drivers, motorists) have to be vigilant and aware of our speed and surroundings at all time. People please stop at the stop signs and slow down when on campus. There’s just no need for recklessness

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