is anyone a fifth year senior?

  1. I am! I might even have to go into my 6th year. Not even worried about it in the slightest. It’s not a race, we’re all chasing our own career goals at our own pace!

  2. Nearly third year junior here, as a transfer. 6 years at nova, in my 7th semester as a mason student. Doesn't matter.

  3. I am graduating a semester late, and I still got waitlisted for one of my classes.... I don't think I will even get in...

  4. Nothing to be ashamed of though. It’s an amazing accomplishment to even graduate. Never compare yourself to others!

  5. I am, and I may have to take 6 yrs! I’m honestly ok with it, just a little sad cuz I feel alone on campus since everyone I know mostly graduated last spring or even earlier

  6. yeah it feels kind of weird when I go to clubs/events and everyone is like a 3rd year junior or whatever. but I know some grad students also join and the age difference isn’t important as it was in high school

  7. Yeah, been doing part time online classes ever since COVID. We're living through pretty much the worst time to be a student.

  8. yep, I spend the majority of sophomore spring + entire junior year taking online classes. I feel a bit regretful because I never socialized in freshman year, and now I feel a little awkward attending clubs and events and such

  9. I graduated a fifth year senior. Just found myself hanging out off campus a ton more senior year onwards, granted a lot of my shit was online.

  10. I'm a 6th year senior and will be graduating as a 7th year senior. I feel old and behind my peers. But everybody walks a different path

  11. I’m a fourth year Junior, it’s not a big deal though. This isn’t high school where getting held back would get you ostracized.

  12. I graduated with my bachelors at 31 after taking a very scenic route (way longer than 5 years lol) don’t feel bad!

  13. I’m a sixth year Junior now, that feeling of being old is natural but don’t sweat it, just get your degree when you can

  14. i’m 26. changed my degree so many times. i don’t even know if i’m a senior lol. after this semester i have one more then an internship class

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