Apes think paying a debt obligation means bankruptcy is off the table

  1. The comment section is phenomenal. A lot of them think the stock is going to squeeze today because there’s a screenshot from a Discord saying BBBY made a payment on their bond coupons

  2. I will admit I’m a little surprised they are making these payments. That shows the 2044 debt, so I assume they are paying the coupon on the 2024 and 2034 debt too. Let me check the prices.

  3. To me this likely means that they don't have a plan for Chapter 11 yet and are trying to buy time probably at the advice of their attorneys. They must be effectively out of cash by now.

  4. They are so delusional that a company with less than a quarters worth of cash with no turnaround plan (ignoring that it's much too late for that anyway) is not going bankrupt despite the company saying themselves that this is an option and hiring bankruptcy attorneys. They are so oblivious to the fact that they are about to be wiped out. It's amazing to watch.

  5. Why would they want BBBY to be purchased??!! Once the company gets acquired, the BBBY ticker stops existing, and the shareholders’ shares will convert to the acquiring company’s shares. If it’s a private company, they will actually lose all their shares and get cash value instead. Either way, most of them will be at a huge loss, and there is zero chance of MOASS. An M&A scenario would be bad for most BBBY holders.

  6. Because Carl Icahn is going to buy a company with negative book value that’s trading at $3 for $80 a share because that’s the highest strike RC bought and they are friends

  7. Because they’re fucking retarded. They also think it’s a good thing that a public company hasn’t filed it’s financials yet

  8. They actually believe that the company will be acquired for well over their cost basis. Like for $100/share or some absolute nonsense #.

  9. No, you see, BBBY has to say this for legal reasons. They can't say it directly because it will trigger anti-manipulation laws, so the lawyers have to carefully manipulate their message into secret messages so they don't get accused of manipulation. By saying they may go bankrupt, it will force the evil hedgies to close their short positions and thus cause moass.

  10. "The board got infiltrated by shills to short this. It was all crime and fuckery against us! Let's all move on to (insert garbage company) to trigger the real MOASS!"

  11. “Artificial volume” please provide one shred of proof apes without degrading into some fake dark pool shit. Can’t wait til these holier than thou morons lose all their money to Kenny and maybe he’ll take us to Europe or something

  12. I just got an email from Kenny that he’s working on resurfacing the lost city of Atlantis and naming it Shill Island for our permanent vacation spot after we short ladder the first meme stonk into bankruptcy

  13. Sadly the original post deleted shortly after I pointed out that this has no bearing on the overall situation. The responses I got (much like cryptobros) follows the attitude of "if you don't agree then it's because you don't understand".

  14. FYI - I got a TON of inbox chats from apes screaming victory over this screenshot. Stay tuned for some sweet posts lol. They were REALLY mad about my last post here.

  15. I got one. Dude has 27k shares (they claim) and was crowing about the bond payment. Hopefully they get out with…something. But I doubt it.

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