I know absolutely nothing about blowing glass or making glass artwork but I want to get into it, any suggestions, tips, advice, etc.?

  1. Google glassblowing classes in your area. Be patient with yourself. It takes time to become proficient. Once you are you hardly need to shop for gifts. It’s a lovely community and I hope you’ll love it!

  2. find a less expensive way to make art, honestly. glass is great fun if you’re independently wealthy though

  3. depends on where you're located...many cities have a community glass blowing center, such as Glass Axis in Columbus, OH or 3rd Degree in St. Louis. lots of them. beyond that, look for classes or workshops offered by individual artists, as they might offer a basic ornament or pumpkin or paperweight making class, those are usually about 2 hours. I got my start by taking a six week glass intensive at 3rd degree in st. louis, and then because i was young and still in college, i was able to audit a year of glass blowing in my university's art department. that might also be an option - some bigger glass programs like the one at Kent State might occasionally offer public workshops. i just got back into it after a 10 year hiatus - it's addictive!!

  4. Look up the difference between soft glass and hot glass and figure out which one you want to do! Just as a jumping off point. One is way more sustainable at your home the other is not.

  5. Check and see if you have a glassblowing place nearby that can do some lessons. It’s an expensive hobby to get into so definitely test the waters first. See if you can take some classes on a few different types of glassblowing to learn if you like some work vs others.

  6. One option if you don’t have a hot shop close by or enough funds is to try making glass beads. You still can play with fire and melt glass at a much lower price point. You can do it in your basement and can combine fun colors and try various techniques. You can cheat and not even buy an annealer, I used an old coffee can on a hot plate filled with vermiculite.

  7. You can watch glad blowing videos on you tube to get an idea of what it is all about. Learn about the different kinds of glass, and how people work them. Soft glass and hard glass are very different.

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