Ordering a pizza on the train

  1. "ahh, yeah... we're gonna need 128 large pepperoni pizzas, 35 large meat lovers, 12 large olive and mushroom, and 10 large cheese only pizzas"

  2. Haha people are amazed by this but man when you are stuck on duty and the food on the mess decks sucks and your shipmates don’t wanna come back to the ship just to bring you food….

  3. I knew a guy that got federal possession of marijuana charges because they smelled it on him when he was delivering a pizza to a base. Poor dude was not smart

  4. Don't think he'll be very excited for long. Not sure if I'm seeing this wrong, but I think the pizza guy dropped the payment/tip on the pizza box and handing it back to the guy who ordered the food.

  5. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed! My favorite DJ by a longshot. Took a train from London to Liverpool on my honeymoon just to see him live. One of the best days of my life.

  6. I called my wife and told her that I'll pick up pizza and coke on the way back from work. But it seems she was not happy.

  7. The only time I ever took a long trip on a train I wish I had thought of this. At the beginning of the trip I walked about the train, found the dining car, etc.. Then we stopped for like 2 hours unexpectedly, they said they needed to do some maintenance. The train finally starts moving again and I start getting hungry. Open the door to the dining car and WTF, it's just another passenger car. I ask an employee where it went and he responded "another train didn't have one so we gave them ours" to which I replied "but now we don't have one." He shrugged and walked away.

  8. The Indian railways has a tie up with Dominos and a bunch of other delivery joints. You can order pizza a station away and they will get it to you in the next station

  9. Dominos does this in India too! You need to order like 2 hours before your train is going to arrive at some station, but making this work for Indian Railways and IRCTC is workkkk I’d say.

  10. They've started with other restaurants as well. I think it's called e-catering if I'm not mistaken. Order online with your PNR number and the food will be delivered at the station you chose

  11. Dominos in the US has like hotspots that they will deliver to you without an address. I'm sure train stations / bus stations are popular ones.

  12. The idea that you wouldn't tip for this kind of service (how long did he wait, he literally ran for this guy), Europe or not is appalling.

  13. If your delivery guy has to run to you, then you should be tipping, regardless of country or continent.

  14. I've done this a few times on Amtrak. Every 2 hours or so the train stops at a station and stays there for about 15 minutes so the engineer can take a break. They call them "fresh air stops" (formerly "smoke stops"), and they're in the schedule.

  15. A video could be posted from “Bumfuck” and some dude on Reddit would be like, “aw that’s bumfuck, right up the street from Strudelsberg. My cousin, Yarl banged a porridge vendor at the harvest fair there.”

  16. Wouldn't that stink out the whole train? We've ordered dominoes to our office before which is like 10 times bigger than a train carriage and it smelled all over for hours after.

  17. Yeah, bringing hot food on public transit is a douche move. Either everyone hates the smell, or they wish they had pizza too. Probably spends the whole time talking on his phone, too.

  18. Did that several years ago with Dominos in Ingolstadt - Germany. They made it in time and the guy who delivered stood exactly at the door when we arrived.

  19. Pretty common in India. You'd give Domino's your PNR number (ticket number), they'll trace out your seat number and train, and deliver it to you.

  20. Domino's is pretty good, it's just too pricey. I've had better but it's perfectly acceptable and far better than anything from a supermarket.

  21. This is so common in India. Indian trains are usually long distance, so people order meals at most major stops.

  22. What people don’t know is the guys who ordered pizza we’re holding the door open for 10 minutes. They got their pizza before the police arrived

  23. If I was a business owner, I would steal this employee in an instant. He’s so dedicated towards helping others! Love to see that people like this exist.

  24. If I was a business owner, I'd pay one of my employees to get on a train and take a short video while another one of my employees delivers my product to them.. on the train! Then I'd pay some advertising agency to post it organically and hope it went viral. Of course I'd make sure my brand logo was clearly visible. Maybe I'd even seed a few comments on threads like this one.

  25. Making a guy run just so you can get your shitty pizza and stink up the train, while also filming the guy for your own Internet points? Really rubs me the wrong way. (I am a delivery driver)

  26. This is how I feel about it. I went scrolling hoping to find like minded people who see this for how shitty it is but couldn't find anyone. I had to sort by controversial.

  27. Well pizza guy seemed happy to do it plus that tip he was handed over was probably nice, maybe everyone's just not like you? Lol I deliver as well and don't see much wrong with this but I've noticed delivery drivers complain about absolutely anything, I mean, that was hardly running lol. I'm wondering how he was able to coordinate that with the delivery guy tho.

  28. Didn't you know? People who work delivery are just there for our entertainment and must comply with everything we ask of them. Isn't that great?! /s

  29. Commenting an aggressively pessimistic take with nearly no context or understanding of the people involved for your own Internet points? Really rubs me the wrong way. (I am a Reddit commenter)

  30. Really this, people should be mindful of the smells of what they eat on public transportation. Strong smells can cause serious nausea if you are pregnant, sick, hung-over, not into that kind of food. It’s really sad how little consideration people show others in public spaces, it’s all about “me and what I’m doing” today.

  31. I'm from India and done this once (Domino's too), one of the most satisfying pizzas I've ever had in my life (I usually don't enjoy Domino's, but the train journey made it amazing for some reason, also it was hot unlike most home deliveries)

  32. Fake as fuck. You're telling me a Dominos accepted a train as a delivery address, and the driver was allowed through the barriers for free, or bought a ticket just to deliver pizza?

  33. Do you really live in a world where every station has ticket barriers? I live in a city of 5 million people in a developed country and I can think of 3 stations near me that don’t have barriers.

  34. Impatient asshole can't even keep his hands out of the delivery guys bag. And he seems to be in a rush. Probably holding up the train for this stupid stunt.

  35. how do you even pull this off? I mean there's so many videos and what ever posted that people scream fake. Some I thought were real, some I thought were fake. This is one of the first videos posted where I'm actually thinking it's fake. I guess the train needs to be at a station at a certain time and you can pre order. Sometimes they are late so I guess the driver could be late. Or maybe I should just lay off the pot.

  36. Why not? I'm genuinely curious im always fumbling with something between my car and the house so mouth seems like logical choice.

  37. I ordered a pizza and the delivery driver never showed up. Then they text me the order was cancelled. When I called they hung up on me. I can't imagine them ever delivering to me on a train.

  38. I deliver for Door dash and my weirdest delivery was when I was delivering to this random spot on the street. I got there and looked around for any house / business when a guy in a semi pulled up. He said the name on the order so I handed it to him in the middle of the road then we both just kept driving.

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