Are enemies running away from you an actual thing in this game? Because it made me wheeze when this happened lmao

  1. I triggered it once by assassinating three enemies in a chain by leaping from a roof, and then a nearby fourth starting running and disappeared into a nearby forest; that's the only time I've noticed happening.

  2. Yea. Imagine you're some Mongol conscript hearing stories of some ghost massacring entire camps and then some dude in Samurai armor pops up. My ass would be running until I hit sea water too.

  3. Yeah you see them react in sheer horror then flee. I would too if Jin appeared out of nowhere and slaughtered a bunch of guys I was just chatting with.

  4. I just started seeing this last night. And sometimes i can press up button to challenge remaining enemies. Are we calling on the enemies who ran away when that happens?

  5. No that's just something that happens when you've almost cleared an area so you don't have to find all of the remaining enemies. Terrified enemies run and don't come back.

  6. Happens quite a bit especially after obtaining a certain ability. But yeah that terror status build though. Some will fall to the ground and you can run up and just finish them. I never let them escape. I let them run away thinking they'll make it, then bam arrow to the back.

  7. It’s cool to begin with but eventually it gets to be old. You jump in wanting to slaughter 10 mongols and 5 take off running, absolutely almost ruins the fun

  8. There’s a percentage of chance an enemy witnesses your kills and is terrified and runs off. You can let it stay low or tweak it through the perk tree.

  9. Yes majority of the time when you fight a group you can terrorize remaining enemies and they'll run, you can let them flee or kill them instantly like you can in stealth

  10. This is actually annoying for me. I usually for the “leave no witnesses” then someone would try to get away from me.

  11. Damn dude leave him alone. Imagine what he feels seeing you and seeing everyone he works with dead. Just let him run to his family geez.

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