I wish I would have never went after the Sakai family armor.

  1. Same. I had to turn it off for a bit. Too upsetting. Absolutely breathtaking visually, but so heartbreaking to watch.

  2. Yup, my grandmother had Alzheimer’s and dementia. That fuckin quest for me was worse then cartel videos I’ve seen. I ended up turning it off and watching sword of doom. Had to take a break.

  3. The sad thing is that the depictions of the cruelties of war is still valid today. Yeah we ha e the Geneva Conventions but the types we would go to war with don't gi e two shits about that. As we play we see Jin go from a romanticized view of war and what a "noble warrior" should be to learning that, sometimes, you just have to be more brutal and use the enemies tactics better than them. With the exception of holocaust level butchery. I'm only on act two but I'm fairly confident that we will see Jon begin to struggle with keeping who he is as a person and the Ghost separate.

  4. Poor Yuriko, she seemed so heartbroken over Jin's actions. I wish you didn't need those poisons/I wish there was a way to do shit honorably

  5. I prefer Kensei my self for damage output after ghost weapons. Also Ghost Armor for quicker Ghost stance.

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