This is by far my best clip from Ghost of Tsushima. My horse got hit so i took my anger out on these mongols.

  1. It's a new game+ charm if I'm correct, it makes it so there's a chance lighting will hit a nearby enemy when performing an heavenly strike

  2. believe me i have clips where i absolutely massacre a group of mongols. i made sure to not let the both of them get away.

  3. I'm just playing thanks to the the ps + don't judge just wow about a hour or so in I can see myself finishing this in the next couple days

  4. Wait? How do you double parry? I’ve beaten the main campaign and currently playing the dlc and I haven’t been able to do that

  5. It’s new armor from Iki Island DLC. It’s a mythic tale. Let’s you have a 3 strike counter instead of just 1, and also upgrades your perfect dodge. However, it disables normal parries I believe.

  6. I wish we had more Gore in the game. Like being able to decapitate enemies, or being able to cut them in half. That'll be so cool

  7. Currently I rarely use heavenly strike or the other abilities because I'm playing the full terror build, but I'll be sure to do a build in which I use those special moves. Looks hella fun.

  8. if i ever get a chance to find the shogun’s samurai in act 3 and fight them, i’m going to run at them and scream “THIS IS FOR SORA” at my screen (if you know what happens when you start act 3, you know)

  9. just wanted to thank everyone for all the upvotes. this is the most upvotes i’ve ever gotten. I knew this clip was golden but i didn’t think it would get this many upvotes. Thanks again!

  10. What was the armour dye called and is thst variant unlockabke fir legends cux I like it but I don't wanna use surname armour

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