Best combat game out there.

  1. Maybe in terms of how the combat works, but I definitely think it is one of the smoothest. In most games there’s a slight jankyness that you have to learn but GoT hardly has that. Also, a lot of other games would have things like one or two parry animations that never actually connect with the other weapon or a dodge would just make you invincible and the enemy’s attack would pass through you. This game doesn’t have either of those. The blades don’t always collide but they do most of the time.

  2. it took me a good few hours to get back into ghost after sekiro boss rushes, combat is unmatched in sekiro, but i still prefer ghost

  3. I wish the controls were easier to remember so I can get back in there. I made it 2/3 thru the island and put it down. Now I can’t remember how to utilize all the moves, stances, additional equipment (smoke bombs, etc) effectively. I feel like I’d have to restart the game lol

  4. I’ve been there, it tends to come back quickly enough once you get the hang of it. Maybe ride around the place and challenge a few groups of mongols to get back into the swing of it

  5. That's one of my criticisms. The controls are needlessly complex and unintuitive. The other one would be that the player character and the enemies are too magnitezed. I see that in many Sony games.

  6. Motivation for me to start playing this game seriously. Had it for months but have been too busy with other games to try it out. This makes it look so hype.

  7. Only thing that really bothers me is lack of dismemberment. I know it’s to keep a T rating, but if I’m hacking at people with a sword I expect limbs to fly off.

  8. DMCV has unparalleled creativity and Sekiro is so polished and rewarding so while I completely disagree with you I appreciate your appreciation for this game as well.

  9. Why do people have to shut in games that they’ve never even played, you know that half the people shitting on this amazing game probably haven’t even played it

  10. It’s amazing but I wish the stances and enemies didn’t work like Rock Paper Scissors. Whenever I fight a spear dude its just ez with the triangle stance, etc.

  11. hmm i stopped playing for a few months, now i feel like i cannot finnish the game, because i cant get back into the fighting system :(,

  12. Ghost is very cinematic in its fights. Almost like watching an awesome scripted fight scene (and you can make it a very epic looking scene - some vids I’ve watched are just amazing)

  13. Hi all. In my honest opinion, after learning the combat fundamentals, up the difficulty to the max and then you will feel like a great combat game and an amazing samurai. Instead of multiple hits you will be able to down enemies, even the bigger ones (brutes) in 1 or maybe 2 hits. Lethal, realistic, Samurai. Also you will be downed by 1 or 2 hits, depending on your armor and charms, 3 tops. Very fun and addictive, similar to SEKIRO in the higher dificulty. I am 60hours in and lovin it !!

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