The Ghost Burns [Video]

  1. Oh dude you’ve improved a ton, the changing backdrops in the first video needed a tad few more seconds to actually set the scene which you’ve done second time around. The music works well with the edits in this one and is a top notch video all around.

  2. This is legitimately one of the greatest game trailers ever made. Concise, has hints of the story but not too much, actually fucking shows gameplay. Excellent work friend

  3. Your first video was the greatest Ghost of Tsushima fan video I had ever seen. And now it has finally been bested.

  4. The chills from this edit, everything fits and transitions very well! I'm curious as to what editing software that you use, really want to try and make my own kind of vids like this in the future

  5. Holy shit that could be an official advertisement for the game on the Playstation YouTube channel. Amazing stuff man

  6. I was expecting to see Jin drop sick disses, I'll be honest! Jokes aside, great video! This game is probably the in my top 3. The melee combat just can't be beat. Can't wait for the sequel.

  7. If they make a sequel this should be the recap video sucker punch uses. Goddamn this was the best GOT edit I’ve ever seen.

  8. Holy shit, one of the best video edits I've seen period, especially one just based on gameplay alone. Very well done!

  9. I look away for 5 seconds to read the comments and look back and see the most fire video of all time.

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