Becoming The Ghost [Video]

  1. Thank you! Did a replay of the game recently and wanted to attempt a trailer of sorts; there is still areas I can notice for improvement, but I think it turned out pretty well. :P

  2. Much, have you ever seen a short story video posted on this sub? It was like a mini movie. I think you’d really like it! It might’ve won a Hero of Tsushima award?

  3. Fuck yes! Seen so many overly filtered messes with crappy effects added I thought no one knew how to make a good edit anymore

  4. You should make the intro when you unlock it then the others after the progression of armours also the scene you get from assassinating abunch and using poison and hallucinating (you can start a new game just make sure to save you old file beforehand)

  5. That is just gorgeous 😍❤️ I just wish the masks would look cooler on Jin, but thats just my opinion. Anyway thats the best Cinematic GOT Video i have ever seen

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