how to clean your blade with out sheathing it

  1. I figured this out on accident one day when I fumbled my controller and almost dropped it. He did that and I then spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out how lol.

  2. Basicly the same. Then I brought it up in another post and blew there minds. They kept asking for details so I made this.

  3. I started doing this at every break in combat, but my brain sometimes does this when im on fire, so instead of rolling i stand there on fire flinging my blade around...

  4. No, it's not on switch. I do own one though. brain went for joycon instead of duleshock, guess it just rolls off the tongue better.

  5. I noticed it when I play Legends last year but at the time it didn’t swipe off the blood. But after the Iki island update they fixed it to work as intended. It’s so fun to slay a horde of Oni and then clean off the blood while you run to the next circle.

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